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Governor Dayton Says North Dakota Was “Just Trying to Pull Other States in” to #NoDAPL Protests

Governor Dayton Says North Dakota Was “Just Trying to Pull Other States in” to #NoDAPL Protests

The feud between the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association and Governor Mark Dayton keeps getting uglier. It started with the MSA sending Dayton a letter accusing him of making a political decision to ignore requests for assistance with the #NoPAL protests made by North Dakota officials through a state compact. Dayton then responded with his own letter

Governor Burgum Has No Response to Governor Dayton’s Criticism of North Dakota’s #NoDAPL Response

There is drama brewing between Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and his state’s sheriff’s over the handling of North Dakota’s request for assistance with the #NoDAPL protests targeting the Dakota Access Pipeline. But North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is staying out of it. Earlier this week the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association sent Dayton a letter objecting to

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Calls Criticism Over #NoDAPL Protests Response “Inaccurate and Offensive”

Yesterday I wrote a post about the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association ripping Governor Mark Dayton in a letter over his handling of EMAC requests from the State of North Dakota for assistance in dealing with the #NoDAPL protests. At times those protests involved thousands of activists who blocked roads, attacked law enforcement officers, and vandalized millions

Read It: Minnesota Sheriffs Rip Governor Mark Dayton in Letter for Playing Politics Over #NoDAPL Protests

During the heights of the #NoDAPL protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline here in North Dakota our law enforcement officials were faced with an extremely dangerous situation. They were confronted with thousands of political extremists who embraced, as a tactic, violence and unlawful activity to advance their agenda. The situation was more than North Dakota

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Minnesota Regulator Was Apparently Coordinating With Anti-Oil Activists To Oppose Sandpiper Pipeline

I think it’s useful, when we talk about the debate over energy development, that we draw a distinction between people who desire responsible development of resources like oil and coal and people who for political and ideological reasons don’t want any of that sort of development at all. The former is a practical and common

"Neanderthal" North Dakota Has Better Air Quality Than Minnesota

Over the weekend Governor Mark Dayton took a shot at North Dakota’s political leadership, calling our state’s approach to climate change policy “neanderthal.” “These other states like North Dakota … just have their heads in the sand and want to profit and then pollute our air accordingly,” Dayton said during an interview with Minnesota Public

Minnesota Sandbags Sandpiper Pipeline, Must Be Pro Train Derailment

According to an Associated Press report this evening, Canadian-based Enbridge has decided to delay a pipeline project of vital importance to North Dakota’s booming economy. The Sandpiper line will, when built, carry up to 225,000 barrels per day of Bakken crude oil from Tioga, North Dakota, through Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin. That’s just a bit

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Kudos To Dalrymple For Being The Adult In Fargo Flood Diversion Fight

“North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple should speak up forcefully against Minnesota’s opposition to the Fargo-Moorhead diversion,” reads a Forum News Service editorial from earlier this week. “His reason for not using his authority and credibility — that the matter is in litigation — makes no sense in light of an attempt by an agency of