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The large mural painted on the door wind block at the entrance to Lonesome Dove on "The Strip" in Mandan is an unpermitted mural under the Mandan city's ordinance. Mike McCleary / Bismarck Tribune

Court Blocks City of Mandan From Fining Bar Owner Over Mural

Court Blocks City of Mandan From Fining Bar Owner Over Mural

On today’s Plain Talk podcast I spoke with one of the owners of the Lonesome Dove bar in Mandan. He had paid to have a mural painted on the side of his business – it cost him around $3,000 – but bureaucrats at the City of Mandan took exception. They told him his mural was

August "Augie" Kersten stands in front of a mural he paid to paint on the side of his bar, the Lonesome Dove, but the City of Mandan says he must remove it. Photo courtesy of the Institute for Justice

Podcast: A Local Government’s War on Art

The City of Manadan put some local business owners through a “five month bureaucratic nightmare just so they could play art critic.” That’s what August “Augie” Kersten, a co-owner of the Lonesome Dove bar in Mandan, said on this episode of Plain Talk. After he paid an employee, who is also an artist, to paint

Lonesome Dove bar in Mandan, North Dakota

Guest Post: Mandan’s Leadership Promotes Bland Irrelevance

This guest post was submitted by Raheem Williams, policy director for the North Dakota Young Republicans. North Dakota has developed an infamous reputation as one of America’s least desirable tourist location. The state has proposed a few solutions to draw in tourists – gimmicks such as the numerous redesigns of the official state logo and an expensive temple dedicated to a

A mural on the front of the Lonsome Dove bar in Mandan which local officials say is illegal.

You Can’t Just Do Art Without the Government’s Permission

Recently I read an article from Reason about a pizzeria in Arlington, Virginia, which came under fire from local government because the mural they paid to paint on their business featured pizza. The mural included pizza because the business, you know, sells pizza, but apparently that’s against the rules. “Under Arlington County’s sign code, no

Reader submitted photo showing #NoDAPL protesters standing on a railroad line near Mandan.

#NoDAPL Protesters Block Railroad Tracks Near Mandan

It’s a “national day of action” for the #NoDAPL movement, but here in North Dakota it seems like every day we get new antics from the often unlawful, often violent protesters. Their latest antics have them targeting what they claim is a Dakota Access equipment yard in Mandan, and the protesters even went so far