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Rate of Refugee Resettlement Plummets Nationally And, Last Month, in North Dakota Too

Rate of Refugee Resettlement Plummets Nationally And, Last Month, in North Dakota Too

According to this report from CNS News, “The number of refugees admitted to the United States dropped in March to its lowest monthly tally of the current fiscal year, even as the implementation of President Trump’s latest immigration executive order continues to be held up by federal courts.” “In a continuing declining trend, 2,070 refugees

That Breitbart Report About Fargo Refugees With Tuberculosis Is Old News

Over the weekend a number of you readers sent me this link to a Breitbart article which seemed to indicate that Lutheran Social Services, the organization responsible for federal refugee resettlement in our state, had been something less than forthcoming about refugees with tuberculosis. You’ll all remember that this was something of a big issue

Video: ND House Majority Leader Supports Suing Feds Over Refugee Resettlement

Earlier this month the Tennessee State Assembly voted to approve a lawsuit against the federal government over refugee resettlement. The state, which like North Dakota has withdrawn from refugee resettlement under the Wilson-Fish Act, is now challenging the right of the federal government to settle refugees within its borders based on the 10th amendment. Tonight

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LSS Boss Jessica Thomasson An Unfortunate Choice For Fargo Forum's "Person Of The Year"

Over the holiday break the Fargo Forum announced a provocative and unfortunate choice for their Person of the Year 2015. Namely, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota CEO Jessica Thomasson. I say provocative because LSS contracts with the federal government to administer refugee resettlement in North Dakota, something that has been conducted in a manner

North Dakota Gave Up Oversight Of Refugee Resettlement In 2011

Last night Valley News Live’s Chris Berg had an excellent interview with Rep. Kevin Cramer regarding the refugee resettlement issue. As Rep. Cramer points out, this isn’t an issue without significance for North Dakota. Back in March, SAB readers will remember, ISIS made threats against personnel at the Minot Air Force Base. While Governor Jack

Facts: Cass County "New Americans" Receive Disproportionate Amounts Of Welfare, Food Stamps Aid

Over the weekend sports commentator turned political pundit Mike McFeely used his column to verbally assault TV station Valley News Live for their work on the refugee or “New Americans” story in the Fargo area. While my position on VNL’s approach to journalism is well known – I’m not working with them any more because

Lutheran Social Services Isn't Busting Any "Myths" About Refugee Resettlement

Yesterday Jessica Thomasson, CEO of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, set out to bust some “myths” about refugee resettlement at an event organized by the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce. For instance, Thomasson tried to address the claim that refugees add to crime in North Dakota by citing numbers related to immigration at the

Poll: 57 Percent Of Fargo/Moorhead Area Residents Oppose Refugee Resettlement

Refugee resettlement in the Fargo/Moorhead area has been controversial for decades now, but there hasn’t been a lot of efforts to quantify just how controversial. The folks at Valley News Live have done that, and they found majority opposition. You can read the full polling memo below, which was produced by Mason-Dixon Polling out of

Read The Email About Refugee Students That Allegedly Got East Grand Forks Teacher Bryan Perkins Suspended

According to WDAZ, a public teacher in East Grand Forks has been suspended, and while the reason for the suspension isn’t being announced officially, indications are that it has to do with an email he signed regarding the attendance of refugee students. WDAZ spoke with Perkins by phone. He said he is not allowed to

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Governor Jack Dalrymple Gives Non Answer When Asked About Refugee Concerns

Some governors are growing increasingly concerned about foreign refugees the federal government is placing in their states through resettlement programs run by nonprofits (like Lutheran Social Services here in North Dakota). The feds have announced plans to increase the number of refugees America takes in per year from 70,000 to 100,000 by 2017. In Maine, Governor