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Why We Need Transparency: North Dakota Leads The Nation In Per-Capita Refugee Resettlement

Why We Need Transparency: North Dakota Leads The Nation In Per-Capita Refugee Resettlement

“We’re reaching out and trying to help our neighbors,” Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney said in response to news that North Dakota leads the nation when it comes to per-capita refugee resettlement. “We have jobs, we have needs, and we’re trying to grow as a state.” I largely agree with Mahoney. An influx of immigrants into

Rep. Kevin Cramer Backs Legislation To Address Refugee Resettlement

“America has always been a beacon for immigrants and refugees escaping tyranny and oppression,” Rep. Kevin Cramer said in a statement released today, announcing that he’s co-sponsoring the Refugee Resettlement Oversight and Security Act.  “Americans are right to question if these refugees will be a threat to our national security.” Refugee resettlement here in North Dakota has

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Why Is Talking About Oil Patch Crime OK, But Not Refugee Crime?

The resettlement of foreign refugees in North Dakota communities has been creating angst in those communities for years now. Some small part of that angst is absolutely motivated by racism and xenophobia, but a larger portion I think represents valid concerns. Locals are worried that the refugees may have an impact on crime, or a

State Should Tie Lutheran Social Services Funding To Reporting On Refugee Crime, Public Assistance Reports

When critics of refugee resettlement in the Fargo area, conducted by Lutheran Social Services working under a federal contract, complain that the refugees are driving up crime and are disproportionately dependent on public assistance programs the response defenders of the practice is typically name calling. Case in point, the Fargo Forum editorial I flagged yesterday which

If "New Americans" Aren't A Burden On Their Host Communities, Prove It

“The charge that the decades-long influx of refugees into Fargo has been a burden on taxpayers doesn’t stand up to honest scrutiny,” the Fargo Forum claimed in an editorial over the weekend. “In fact, it’s a myth.” If that’s true, then wonderful. We can all be thankful that refugees settled in the Fargo area by Lutheran

Lutheran Social Services Not Telling The Truth About Refugee Situation

The resettlement of foreign refugees in the Fargo area has been creating consternation among some residents there for a long time. Recently an announcement to local officials from Lutheran Social Services stating that there would be a surge in settling refugees in coming months – first reported here on SAB – reignited the debate. Local Fargo

North Dakota, And Particularly Fargo, Expected To Get "Huge Number" Of Refugees In Coming Months

Some of you readers have been emailing me concerned about what has been described as a big influx of refugees into North Dakota in coming months. I’ve done some digging, and it turns out there’s some validity to the rumors. According to an email forwarded by a SAB reader (see below), several North Dakota communities