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Number of Lobbyists Working North Dakota Legislature on a Downward Trend Over the Last Decade

Number of Lobbyists Working North Dakota Legislature on a Downward Trend Over the Last Decade

Lawmakers are taking a break the first part of this week for crossover, the midway point of the legislative session when the House sends the Senate the bills they’ve passed and vice versa. So far lawmakers have gaveled in for 36 of the maximum 80 legislative days they’re allotted by the state constitution. They’re making

North Dakota Has A Problem With Private Advocacy On The Public Dime

Back in February I wrote a story about professional boards that were going beyond merely regulating their industries to advocating on behalf of them. I focused on the State Bar Association of North Dakota, which used licensing dues in 2014 to campaign against a ballot measure aimed at reforming child custody laws, and the Board of Podiatric

NDGOP Chairman Breaks Rules Lobbying For Wind Energy Company

Earlier today a Republican lawmaker forwarded me this photo of  a letter distributed by Robert Harms to the Senate Finance and Tax Committee. In the letter, on Harms Group letterhead, Harms (who is also the Chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party) describes himself as “the lobbyist for Tradewind Energy.” The problem? Well as 9:51am

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Should State Regulatory Boards Have Lobbyists?

Over at Watchdog today I have a story up about the State Bar Association of North Dakota getting sued by a proponent of Measure 6 on the 2014 ballot (the shared parenting measure) who claims that his attorney licensing fees were used illegally for political purposes. For their part the SBAND doesn’t deny that they

How Is Mandated Ethanol A Victory For Consumers?

According to the Associated Press, E15 (a fuel blend with 15% ethanol) “is currently sold in fewer than two dozen stations in the Midwest, but could spread to other regions as the Obama administration considers whether to require more ethanol in gasoline.” The oil industry has been resisting that expanded mandate, but was today dealt

First You Subsidize Them, Then You Work For Them

In the Washington Examiner today Tim Carney uses former Byron Dorgan staffer Elizabeth Gore as an example of the revolving door between the power brokers in Washington DC and the companies the funnel taxpayer subsidies to. Byron Dorgan, when he was a U.S. senator, directed taxpayer money to clean-coal research. Elizabeth Gore, Dorgan’s chief of

Heidi Heitkamp's Good Friend Harry Reid Has Some Major Ethical Problems

In terms of outside spending in the 2012 Senate race in North Dakota – spending, that is, that came from places other than the candidates themselves – there was no single person who had more of an impact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Outside of the national Republican and Democrat parties, Reid’s Majority PAC

From the Left: Michele Bachmann Leaves Congressional Subsidy Behind

Tuesday morning, I was shocked to check my morning news feed and find out that Congresswomen Michele Bachmann (R-MN) would leave Congress at the end of her fourth term in office. This is a good thing for all Americans and a great thing for both Republicans and Democrats in Minnesota’s 6th congressional district. Bachmann has

Dorso Column: North Dakota's Executive Branch Is Too Involved In Legislating

The state capitol building in Bismarck is a unique design. But it is what that design signifies or tells that makes it so important. I hope every legislator now and into the future reads this piece. When they or elected officials walk the halls of the capitol I hope they are reminded of the sacrifice

IRS Targeting Of Tea Party Groups Reportedly Started In The 2010 Election Cycle

This is a significant development in that it shows, to an even greater degree, that the motivation for the IRS targeting conservative or “tea party” groups was political. Because the tea party movement started in 2009, and 2010 was the first election cycle in which the movement had an impact: But questions continued to swirl