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Higher Ed Is Already Run by Politicians, They Just Don’t Have to Stand for Election

Higher Ed Is Already Run by Politicians, They Just Don’t Have to Stand for Election

In North Dakota talk often turns to better ways to govern our sprawling university system. Because that university system is often plagued with scandal. But when it does, you can expect some blinkered defender of the status quo to start talking about how universities ought not be politicized. Then the abuses of a North Dakota governor

North Dakota Democrats Face Fraction as Upstart Progressives Want a Split

You wouldn’t think it would be possible for North Dakota’s Democratic-Nonpartisan League to become less relevant to governance. The party holds not a single state elected office, while Republicans hold roughly 85 percent of the seats in the Legislature. Yet a faction of progressives want to split the Nonpartisan League from the party and make

Revising History: North Dakota Democrats Should Stop Blaming Their Plight On Republican Cheating

With North Dakota Democrats in utter disarray – don’t take my word for it, that’s what liberal columnist Lloyd Omdahl writes in his column today – there seems to be a narrative developing among the state’s leftists which blames the party’s malaise on Republican cheating. Back in February it was liberal columnist Mike Jacobs who

Republicans: Jack Dalrymple Seen As Probably Running For Governor Again

I spent the weekend in Bismarck and had some time to make the rounds with Republican insiders while there. They had some interesting things to say about the question of who will run for governor in 2016. But before we get to that, let me call your attention to left-wing columnist Lloyd Omdahl’s piece today

Kelvin Hullet: Backers Of Conservation Measure Had Their Chance At The Legislature

We are glad to see that Lloyd Omdahl agrees about legitimate issues of concern that many of us have about the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment. As he described them in his recent column, “the more important ones are the amount of money being diverted, locking the program in the state constitution, requiring the

Chancellor Shirvani Blasts Minot State, UND And NDSU President In Evaluations

Chancellor Hamid Shirvani may be on his way out the door, but per his contract buy out agreement he’s still in-office until the middle of July, and he had some choice words for some of the university system’s presidents on the way out the door. Specifically, he’s requested full evaluations for the leadership of Minot

Dorso Column: Holmberg Selection For Leadership Widens Legislative Divides

Lloyd Omdahl’s recent column about the selection of Grand Forks Republican Sen. Ray Holmberg as chairman of Legislative Managementmade me stop and think. Omdahl’s contention is that a moderation of the political discourse because of Holmberg’s election will make for a better political atmosphere. I am not convinced that is the case. A better case