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With Riemers Recount Bid Unsuccessful North Dakota Libertarian Party Will Lose Ballot Access

With Riemers Recount Bid Unsuccessful North Dakota Libertarian Party Will Lose Ballot Access

Earlier this month Libertarian Secretary of State candidate Roland Riemers won a recount for his primary vote total before the state Supreme Court. The victory for the frequently litigious Riemers surprised a lot of observers, including this one. Anyway, the Secretary of State’s office today released the results of the recount and it didn’t go


Eric Olson: Forget A Third Party, North Dakota Needs A Second Party

You typically hear Libertarians such as myself advocate for a third party to bring choice to the otherwise one dimensional political landscape of left vs right.   The reality of our current situation is that North Dakota is a one party state.   The current state Senate is 68% Republican, the House is 76% Republican,

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Libertarian House Candidate Jack Seaman Says Democrat Fade Helps His Party

Last week I spent some time talking with Fargo businessman Jack Seaman who will be on the statewide ballot this fall for a second time challenging Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer for the U.S. House. Only in this cycle, there may not even be a Democrat in the race, putting Seaman in a position to perhaps

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Gov Candidate Rick Becker "Highly Unlikley" To Run As Libertarian If He Loses NDGOP Endorsement

State Rep. Rick Becker of Bismarck was the first Republican to announce his candidacy for the open governor seat in 2016. He is seeking the NDGOP endorsement for that seat, and is facing off against Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, but rumors recently have suggested that Becker may have a backup plan that involves the Libertarian


Tony Magnall: If You Want Influence, Become A Libertarian

If you vote Democrat or Republican, you have zero influence in Washington.  That’s right.  Zero.  This is not hyperbole, rather it is scientific fact.  As evidence I submit to you this study, and the damning statistics therein (link also posted at the bottom of this article).  Here is a short excerpt: “A shattering new study

LegitSlater: 2014 Mid Term Election Reflection

It’s finally over. The ads have grown annoying, even for the candidates and measures I support. I am worn out from debating the issues in this election. I can only imagine how the candidates and committees feel as they have been living it for the past several months. As I write this (it’s Tuesday night,