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64th Legislative Assembly: Week 12 Thu & Fri Highlights- NDUS Email and Federal Funding Requirements (plus more)

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 12 Thu & Fri Highlights- NDUS Email and Federal Funding Requirements (plus more)

Week 12 wraps up with a review of some of our marker bills being heard by the “two day” committees. Each house’s committees are either three day or two day (except for appropriations committees, which meet Monday through Friday), with three day committees meeting Monday through Wednesday. The two day committees wrap up the rest

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 12 Tue & Wed Highlights- State Sovereignty and Higher Ed Governance

Analysis of Week 12 continues in this post, where we will discuss bill activities for Tuesday, March 24 and Wednesday, March 25. Tuesday and Wednesday are a bit slower after a very busy Monday, at least for our marker bills. In addition to the bills listed below, the Senate Appropriations Committee hearings will continue for

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 12 Monday Highlights- Auditors and Lawyers and Drones Oh My

Monday starts Week 12 of the 64th Legislative Assembly, with Day 52. This will put them at 65% through their allotted 80 days per biennium. Rumors are active, however, that they are saving five to ten days should they need to come together later to address budgetary or other concerns. If this holds true, the

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 11 Mon & Tue Highlights- Local control over school concealed carry, Legislative control over tuition, Thanksgiving store opening and Head Start

The 64th Assembly continues into Week 11 on Monday. Here is what is on tap for the first part of the week! Monday, March 16th HB 1195 – Allowing school boards to exercise local control over decisions on concealed carry in schools Senate Education Missouri River Room 10:00am The second round of committee debate on what

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 10 Wed to Fri Highlights- Higher Ed Governance Models and Email, State Employee Retirement Age

On Monday we covered legislative activities occurring on March 9th and 10th. Today we wrap up the rest of Week 10 by reviewing Wednesday through Friday’s hearings. Wednesday, March 11th Higher Education Governance Models Study House Education Pioneer Room 9:00am HCR 3046 was introduced late in the first half of the session by Reps Carlson, Belter, Delzer, and Vigesaa;

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 10 Mon and Tue Highlights- Initiated Measure Reform, Student Datamining and Testing Opt Out, and Higher Ed "Pay it Forward" Models

The first full week of the second half of the 64th Legislative Assembly kicks off on Monday, March 9th; which is also Day 42 of the session’s 80 day calendar. We did not bring you a weekly update last week due to the short number of days, and our focus on the Legislative Ranking Scorecards

64th Assembly Halftime Report: Senate Rankings

Yesterday we posted the rankings for the House of Representatives at the halfway mark of the 64th Assembly. The system for ranking was explained in that post, so I won’t go back through it here. Instead we will jump right into the Senate rankings for the 64th Legislative Assembly Senate Results Top Ten The top

UPDATE- 64th Assembly Halftime Report: House Rankings

This update corrects a minor formula error. Points changed but for the most part changes to overall rankings remains minor; in averaging all changes to rankings the result was zero. Still, we want to be accurate so we are updating the post to reflect corrected info The Legislature returns to the Capital today from their crossover break to

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64th Legislative Assembly: Week 7 Highlights- State Sovereignty, Student Free Speech, Separation of Powers, and Autonomous Vehicles

Monday, February 16th marks the start of week 7 of the session. Monday is a bit of a slow day for hearings starting off a slow week, which is probably a good thing after the Common Core and Tobacco floor battles last week. The only somewhat interesting one is HCR 3022. This resolution, if passed, would put

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 6 Highlights- Child Datamining, More State Health Exchange Studies, and Filling US House and Senate Vacancies

Week 6 of the 64th Legislative Assembly kicks off on Monday, February 9th. Below are just a few of the bills we are keeping an eye on this week. Monday, February 9th Datamining of Student Information House Education Pioneer 9:00am The past couple of weeks I have written about how Common Core (and HB 1461