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The Dakota Women's Correctional Rehabilitation Center, pictured above, is the only women's prison in the state. It's located in New England.

The Legislature Should Make the New England Women’s Prison Illegal

The Legislature Should Make the New England Women’s Prison Illegal

A political furor has erupted over a proposal from Governor Doug Burgum, backed by Department of Corrections head LeAnn Bertsch, to end the state’s contract with a prison facility in New England, North Dakota, and move those female inmates into a reshuffled state system. The Dakota Women’s Correctional Rehab Center is a subsidiary of the

The Dakota Women's Correctional and Rehabilitation Center in New England, N.D., pictured here April 17, 2012, houses more than 100 female convicted felons. Forum News Service file photo

Prisons Aren’t Jobs Programs

Governor Doug Burgum’s executive budget his ignited several debates over policy and spending across the state. Perhaps one of the most heated so far is the proposed relocation of the Dakota Women’s Correctional and Rehabilitation Center, a prison facility for female inmates current located in New England, North Dakota. On one side of the debate is

A guard stands by as inmates at the North Dakota State Penitentiary walk between cell units in Bismarck. (MIKE McCLEARY, Bismarck Tribune)

‘Build More Jails’ Is Not a Sustainable Solution to the Drug Addiction Problem

There is a significant debate in North Dakota right now circling around prison overcrowding and how we treat drug abuse in the criminal justice system. Some including Leann Bertsch, director of the North Dakota Department of Corrections, want put more emphasis on addiction treatment instead of incarceration. Others, unfortunately, seem to like the status quo.

The Cass County Jail on Oct. 12, 2007, in Fargo, N.D. David Samson / The Forum

Legislative Discussion Over Sentencing Reform Gets Heated

There is a big gap between where LeAnn Bertsch and the state’s prosecutors are on sentencing reform for non-violent drug offenders. Bertsch, who is the director of the North Dakota Department of Corrections, wants to reduce penalties for drug crimes and get rid of mandatory minimum sentences. The prosecutors, meanwhile, are resistant to that change.

The Cass County Jail on Oct. 12, 2007, in Fargo, N.D. David Samson / The Forum

Prison Official: North Dakota Not at Risk of Losing Federal Funds Over “Sanctuary City” Actions

Last week it was reported that the Department of Justice would be notifying jurisdictions that they would be losing federal funds if they didn’t cooperate with federal authorities in identifying and apprehending illegal immigrants. “Today, the DOJ notified local and state law enforcement agencies across America that they will no longer be eligible for federal

wayne stenehjem

Is Wayne Stenehjem Willing To Take On The Whole Problem With Skyrocketing Incarceration Rates?

So far the NDGOP’s gubernatorial nomination race (which will likely pick North Dakota’s next governor given the near total abdication of relevance by the Democrats) has been long on ideological rhetoric and somewhat short on policy specifics. But Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem just brought up a very substantive issue on the campaign trail. Namely, prison

“Every Time There’s A Conduct People Don’t Like We Put A Criminal Penalty On It"

Over at Watchdog today I write about North Dakota’s prison problem, and our state’s top corrections official saying that we’re putting too many people in prison. “Every time there’s a conduct people don’t like we put a criminal penalty on it,” Department of Corrections director LeAnn Bertsch told me. “A lot of the time people

No, North Dakota Is Not A Sanctuary State For Illegal Immigrants

People have been blowing up my email inbox and social media accounts since last night with links to this Bretibart article, which in turn links to this map compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies, which tags North Dakota as a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants. Obviously sanctuary policies are much in the news of