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John Andrist: You Can Buy Anything You Really Want

John Andrist: You Can Buy Anything You Really Want

This is a quiz. What do all these things have in common? Sugar, fossil fuels, petroleum, pipelines, abortion, alcohol, obesity, tobacco, guns, drugs, pornography, climate change. The answer is all of them are things that a large segment of Americans believe are a scourge that must either be sharply reduced or eliminated. How long is

Shocker: Petition To Refer North Dakota's Pro-Life Laws Will Likely Fall Short

North Dakota has a fairly low threshold for referring a law, roughly 13,500 signatures statewide, and with most citizens willing to sign pretty much any petition put in front of them getting the requisite signatures usually isn’t too hard. But petitions to refer North Dakota’s pro-life laws are thousands of signatures short of the number

Heidi Heitkamp Has Been A Good Investment So Far For The Trial Lawyers

Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign for the US Senate last year was very dependent on a big influx of cash from trial lawyers (including those at the law firm of a lawyer she granted a lucrative appointment to back when she was attorney general). Heitkamp even set up a special campaign fund to serve as a landing

Can A Church Be Forced To Conduct A Marriage Ceremony?

In Bismarck the family of a disabled couple – the man in the wheel chair, his would-be wife with mental disabilities – are upset with a church because the pastor there wouldn’t marry the couple, arguing that they aren’t ready. The couple is now getting married at another church, and the sister of the wife-to-be

North Dakota's Tobacco Prohibitionists May Not Have A Budget This Year

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the State of North Dakota has an agency devoted to anti-tobacco activism. Political activism belongs in the private sector, not enshrined in the government. So it’s with no small amount of satisfaction that I observe the House killing the agency’s budget. It was killed yesterday, and when brought back for reconsideration

Petitions Filed To Refer North Dakota's New Pro-Life Laws To The Ballot

I’m actually a little surprised the pro-abortion activists are going this route. As Bismarck Tribune reporter Nick Smith posted on Twitter, petitions to refer the three pro-life bills already signed by Governor Jack Dalrymple to the ballot were filed with the Secretary of State today. Petitions to refer HB1305, HB1456 and SB2305, three abortion bills,

Heidi Heitkamp Voted To Confirm A Rabidly Anti-Gun Judge

Yesterday Republicans blocked the appointment of Caitlin Halligan to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. She was originally nominated in 2010, and this is the second time Republicans have blocked her appointment. The problem? Halligan has an extremely anti-gun track record: Iowa GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley, ranking member of the

Does Heidi Heitkamp Care About Victims Of Violence Or Trial Lawyers?

Rep. Kevin Cramer, noting that the mother of his adopted son was the victim of violence, notes some of the problems with the Violence Against Women Act that I’ve been writing about recently: “I have some concern in reference to inherent sovereignty for the tribes and I want to check more thoroughly into the constitutionality

ND House Waters Down "Ridiculous" State Smoking Ban

In the last election North Dakotans voted for a statewide smoking ban that, going beyond merely banning smoking, contained a number of provisions for workplaces such as posting signs and removing factory-installed ash trays even in personal vehicles used for work. But today the ND House voted for two laws watering down that ban. North

Obama: The Boy Scouts Should Admit Gay Members

The President weighs in on the Boy Scouts and homosexuals, and I find myself agreeing with him. The Boy Scouts are, of course, a private organization and set whatever membership standards they want, but they seem to be moving toward acceptance of gays and that’s a good thing. Because there’s no good reason not to,