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Credit The Legislature, Not UND, For Protecting Fraternity Students

Credit The Legislature, Not UND, For Protecting Fraternity Students

“UND deserves great credit for choosing not to launch its own investigation of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity,” writes the Grand Forks Herald editorial board today. “In making that choice, the university accepted conclusions made by the local and university police, made a judgment for a fraternity over a reported member of an historically oppressed minority group

UND Issues Non-Apology Over Fraternity Incident

Yesterday we got word that, despite an investigation by law enforcement professionals which completely exonerated the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity of accusations of a “hate crime” against a gay male, the University of North Dakota was going to proceed with their own investigation. Because that’s exactly what we need, right? Students put in jeopardy of

John Mitzel: Media Mishandling Of False Fraternity Allegations Reveals Ugly Stereotypes About Greek Life

In late August, a despicable allegation—since proven to be false—was made against the men of Lambda Chi Alpha at the University of North Dakota. They were accused of committing a brutal assault motivated by a supposed hatred of their accuser’s sexual orientation. The allegation was so appalling, so outrageous, that merely seeing it in print could cause the

Joe Price: Media, Public Were Too Swift To Judge After "Hate Crime" Accusation

As President of Lambda Chi Alpha at the University of North Dakota, the fraternity that was recently vindicated after facing allegations of a brutal hate crime, it is difficult to put into words exactly what the last few weeks have been like. I’m writing this column not in search of sympathy, but out of a

UND President Robert Kelley Owes Frat Brothers Accused Of Homophobic Beating An Apology

Back in August members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at the University of North Dakota were accused of stripping and beating an 18 year old man named Haakon Gisvold at one of their parties. The victim claimed the beating happened because he is gay. UND President Robert Kelley was quick to pounce. In a

Report Of Homophobic Beating At UND Fraternity Is Starting To Sound Like Bunk

University of North Dakota leaders, and some members of the media, may have egg on their faces after a rush to judgment in an alleged beating of a homosexual man at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity there. Because it’s sure starting to look like the alleged victim’s version of events isn’t standing up to scrutiny. Student

UND Student Leaders Blast President Kelley Reaction To Alleged Fraternity "Hate Crime"

A man who is not a University of North Dakota student claims to have been taunted and assaulted because of his sexual orientation at the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity near the UND campus. In response UND President Robert Kelley issued a campus wide email condemning the alleged incident, and treating it as though it were motivated by