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Ladd Erickson: Marsy's Law Diminishes Some Protections For Victims

Ladd Erickson: Marsy's Law Diminishes Some Protections For Victims

Political tacticians, I need your help on something. I am one of the state’s attorney’s from across our state that will be opposing the measure known as “Marsy’s Law” this summer. To date, the campaign in support of that measure has been very predictable. But then last week the measure’s supporters filed their petitions with the

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Ladd Erickson: A Prosecutor's Point Of View On Marsy's Law For North Dakota

Last week former police officer and current criminal defense attorney, Mark Friese, posted a very thoughtful and spot-on practitioner’s analysis of some of the pitfalls in the proposed “Marsy’s Law” initiated measure.  Viewing the content of Marsy’s Law through the lens of a prosecutor, I can only add some additional points to Mark’s post. From

Lincoln City Council Member Resigns After Police Chief Controversy

Lincoln City Council member and police department portfolio holder Reed Unterseher resigned his seat effective Dec 31, 2013, according to a letter received from the city via open records request today. The request was submitted by an SAB reader after he reviewed the agenda for the city council’s first meeting of the new year tonight.