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Here Are 41 Harrowing Pages Documenting Threats Made by #NoDAPL Activists to Law Enforcement

Here Are 41 Harrowing Pages Documenting Threats Made by #NoDAPL Activists to Law Enforcement

Amid all the other legal maneuvering by activist lawyers working on behalf of the #NoDAPL movement was a class action lawsuit filed against North Dakota law enforcement – Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier is the lead defendant – accusing them of civil rights violations by way of excessive force used against protesters. Last month Judge

North Dakota Cops Blast Obama on #NoDAPL Protests, Say They’ve Been “Completely and Utterly Abandoned”

On Friday a group of North Dakota cops, led by Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, wrote a scathing letter to President Barack Obama blasting the federal government’s response to the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Or, more specifically, the lack of a response. You can read the whole letter below. “It is our concern

Lawyer’s Group Suing Morton County on Behalf of #NoDAPL Protesters Mourns Death of Fidel Castro

Yesterday we got news that the National Lawyers Guild was suing North Dakota’s Morton County, along with the county Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, for allegedly using excessive police force against #NoDAPL protesters. The NLG fashions itself a “human rights” organization which defends “civil liberties.” Yet without a hint of irony, on the same day the group

Read It: #NoDAPL Lawyers File Class Action Suit Against Morton County Alleging Excessive Force

The National Lawyers Guild, a left-wing legal group, has filed a class action lawsuit against Morton County and Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier alleging the use of excessive force during a #NoDAPL riot earlier this month. The suit is behalf of protesters allegedly injured during the riot. You can read their press release here, and the complaint

#NoDAPL Protesters Taunt Police With Dead Pig During Thanksgiving Protests

Today was a national holiday, but the #NoDAPL protesters didn’t take the day off. “Today’s multiple protest events on Thanksgiving day were no surprise to our law enforcement team,” Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said in a press release today (read it in full below).  “The energy these paid agitators and protesters exerted to try

Morton County: Officers, Officials Working #NoDAPL Protests Have Been Targeted for Harassment and Hacking

“During today’s illegal protest activities, protestors released personal information, including date of birth and home address, of a Bismarck Police Department officer,” a Morton County press release, set out yesterday evening, states. “Protestors have also publicly identified several other Bismarck Police Department officers and a Morton County Sheriff’s Deputy.” “The tactic, known as ‘doxing’ has

Sheriff Greg Champagne: Sensational News Reports Give Wrong Impression of #NoDAPL Police Response

I was extremely privileged in the last several days to have the opportunity to travel to North Dakota as President of the National Sheriffs’ Association to see firsthand the protest and the response thereto to the Dakota Access Pipeline Project near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation about 25 miles south of Bismarck. I learned first

Photos and Video: #NoDAPL Protesters Launch Shore Line Confrontation With North Dakota Cops

As multiple media outlets are reporting, the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters once again clashed with North Dakota law enforcement, this time on the banks of the Cantapeta Creek. They were trying to access shore line land owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and, beyond that, private land making the the Cannon Ball Ranch. This is

Photo via Morton County

Photos: Another 83 #NoDAPL Protesters Arrested, and Two Officers Injured, After Five Hour Riot

“Law enforcement arrested 83 individuals for riot activities Saturday morning at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site,” a press release from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department states. You can read the whole document. Apparently the riot lasted for five hours and resulted in the injury of three law enforcement officers. Here’s a description of what happened

Audio: Morton County Sheriff Defends Trespass Charges Against Journalist Covering Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

The criminal charges against Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman for trespass during a Labor Day Weekend protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline has drawn criticism from many in the media who see it as an affront to the first amendment. “It’s apparent that the protest was on private property, but it’s regrettable that authorities chose