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Clarice Liechty: How Dare Kevin Cramer Pay His Wife for Campaign Work

Clarice Liechty: How Dare Kevin Cramer Pay His Wife for Campaign Work

This guest post was submitted by former Jamestown Mayor Clarice Liechty. Horrified I am! What was Kevin Cramer, candidate for US Senate, thinking? Paying his wife for work! Goodness – she should be doing that work for the eggs and cream check. That is what Cramer’s opponent in this race and her party are implying

Heitkamp Deploys Man Who Married His Campaign Manager to Attack Cramer for Hiring His Wife as Campaign Manager

Throughout this election North Dakota Democrats, and Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign specifically, have attacked Congressman Kevin Cramer for employing his wife as campaign manager. Kris Cramer has responded to these attacks, pointing out that she has an advanced degree in communications and is more than qualified to work for her husband, and based on FEC

Kris Cramer: Heidi Heitkamp Has Hit a New Low

This guest post was submitted by Kris Cramer, wife of U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Cramer and manager for his campaign. In 2012, I gave up my career and began working on Kevin’s campaigns in a professional capacity as campaign manager.  Recently, Senator Heitkamp’s campaign hit a shameful new low with the release of a television

Podcast: Former Kavanaugh Co-Worker Sara Fagen, Kris Cramer, Josh Boschee

On the radio show today Kris Cramer, wife to and campaign manager for Senate candidate Kevin Cramer, joined me to talk about Democratic attacks on her work for her husband. Also Sara Fagen, who worked with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the George W. Bush administration, shared her reflections on the man and the

Heitkamp Attacks Cramer’s Wife and Campaign Manager Over $25,000 Per Year Salary

For months now Senator Heidi Heitkamp and her fellow Democrats have been trying to make an issue out of the campaign finances of her challenger, Congressman Kevin Cramer. Remember that silly attack on mileage reimbursements which saw Democrats insisting Cramer was a “scam artist” because he couldn’t possibly have racked up over $1,100 in mileage

There Is Nothing Wrong With Kevin Cramer Paying His Family to Work on His Campaign

Senator Heidi Heitkamp, despite her carefully cultivated public demeanor, is a petty and vindictive politician. But don’t take my word on it. The attack Heitkamp’s partisan surrogates launched on Congressman Kevin Cramer (a man on the verge of announcing a campaign for Heitkamp’s Senate seat) this week is evidence enough. It was a two-pronged assault,