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Bill Providing Open Records Penalties Defeated, Lawmaker Says "We Are Watching"

Bill Providing Open Records Penalties Defeated, Lawmaker Says "We Are Watching"

HB1435 was introduced by Rep. Rand Boehning (R-Fargo) and would have allowed for a civil penalty against violators of the state’s open records and open meetings laws. “The reason I put this bill forward is higher education,” Boehning said during his floor speech in favor of the bill. He noted that there the North Dakota

Mark Friese: Judges, Not Cops, Should Control Disputed Property

A misconceived notion of procedural efficiency for police is an insufficient reason to abolish laws which protect North Dakotan citizens.  Directing police officers to abandon their investigative role by assuming the role of judge defies logic, and unfairly requires police to make legal determinations historically and logically reserved for law-trained judges. House Bill 1297 is

Video: North Dakota House Approves Bill Giving Legislature Control Over Tuition

The North Dakota House today debated HB1303. It was introduced by Rep. Kim Koppelman (R-West Fargo), and it would take authority for setting tuition away from the State Board of Higher Education and give it back to the Legislature. About a week ago I wrote about how the university system uses tuition as a political

University System's Tuition Weapon Should Be Taken Away

Some North Dakota lawmakers want to take away the North Dakota University System’s authority to set tuition. If you want to know why, we need look no further than two graphs compiled this month by Legislative Council. The first shows legislative appropriations to the university system growing by 133 percent since the 2005-2007 biennium (it

North Dakota Highway Patrol: Only Criminals Should Carry Guns On Public Property

Rep. Ben Koppleman has introduced legislation – HB1157 – which would exempt elected officials from state laws banning concealed carry on public property. As I’ve written previously, I’m not a fan of the bill, only because I have a principled objection to creating extra rights for certain classes of citizens. If the political class can

UPDATED North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 11, 13, 21, 27, 41, and 45 Fargo-West Fargo-Cass County Area Guide Part I

UPDATED Candidate information below in bold type This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. Due to the large number

Kevin Cramer Will Seek NDGOP's Endorsement In April

In 2012 Kevin Cramer was just one of a large field of Republican House candidates – including state Rep. Bette Grande, state Rep. Kim Koppelman, Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk and former Commerce Department Director Shane Goettle – seeking to replace incumbent Rick Berg who was running a campaign for the US Senate. Every candidate

North Dakota Senate: Yes To Guns In Church, No To Guns In Schools

It was a mixed bag for proponents of gun rights in the North Dakota Senate today. Six bills dealing with gun issues were considered by the Senators today, with three passing and three failing. You can watch the floor debate for all these bills here. Here’s what passed: HB1260 – Introduced by Rep. Karen Karls,

North Dakota House Passes Bills To Allow Concealed Carry In Schools, Churches And All Public Gatherings

In addition to passing HB1467, introduced by Rep. Karen Karls, which disallows the seizure of guns by government officials during declared emergencies the North Dakota House passed bills making significant changes to existing law dictating where concealed carry permit holders can take their guns. Current law prohibits carry in schools, in churches and other sorts

Bills To Allow Concealed Carry In Churches And Schools Get Big Changes

At the beginning of the legislative session there were two bills to allow churches and school districts to change their policies to allow concealed carry on their property: HB1283, introduced by Rep. Kim Koppelman (this bill addressed both schools and churches), and HB1215 introduced by Rep. Dwight Kiefert (Kiefert’s bill only addressed schools). Both bills