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Kim Davis Was No Hero and Neither Is Sally Yates

Kim Davis Was No Hero and Neither Is Sally Yates

Tim Carney makes a really, really good point in the Washington Examiner today. “Sally Yates is correct about President Trump’s immigration order,” he begins, but then goes on to point out that Yates refusing to do her job as acting U.S. Attorney General is not at all unlike a certain court clerk in Kentucky who didn’t want

Kim Davis Standing For Religious Liberty At The State Of The Union Is Dumb

I don’t understand why Kim Davis – the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue licenses for homosexuals – is being held up as a symbol for religious liberty. Yet that seems to be exactly what is happening. Davis will be attending President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address alongside Mat Staver, the founder

Tom Freier: Kim Davis Is Not The Problem

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis has been released from jail. Great! We are thankful. But let’s understand one fact—Kim Davis is not the problem. The illegitimate Supreme Court decision lacking constitutional jurisprudence—changing the definition of marriage—is the problem. It seems more and more that judicial activism has resulted in judicial overreach by legislating from the