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NDGOP Statewide Candidates Cash Advantage, But Dems Close In Ag Commission Race

NDGOP Statewide Candidates Cash Advantage, But Dems Close In Ag Commission Race

The candidates for statewide office in North Dakota have filed the pre-general general election reports, and to the extent that fundraising can tell us anything, it appears as though most Republican candidates have a pretty major advantage over Democrats heading into November. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers from the pre-general reports. All Republicans vs.

Thoughts On The North Dakota Primary Election Results: Republicans Had 75 Percent Vote Advantage

Last night North Dakota held its statewide primary election. The June election can be a difficult one to figure. The turnout is always lower than other elections, particularly in midterm election cycles, and it can be influenced by a few competitive races or compelling ballot measures at the local level. That being said, perhaps we

North Dakota Republican Candidates Have 584% More Campaign Cash Than Democrats

Earlier in this election cycle I’ve written about the advantage North Dakota Democrats have over the NDGOP when it comes to fundraising at the party level. But I’ve noted in those posts that because Republicans have so many incumbent candidates – every single statewide office, in fact – that party fundraising numbers don’t really give

Poll: ND Republicans Have Big Leads Over Dems, Over 83% Say State Is On Right Track

The folks at the Brighter Future Alliance – a 501c4 non-profit committed to promoting the free enterprise system and pro energy development public policy, as they describe themselves – sent me results of polling they’ve conducted in some of North Dakota’s statewide races that will be on the ballot in November. I referred to some of it

North Dakota Democrats Get Third Statewide Candidate: Kiara Kraus-Parr For AG

Candidate recruitment for legislative races is looking pretty slim for Democrats, and now that we’re in March it seems unlikely that Democrats are going to get a serious challenger for Rep. Kevin Cramer (despite bold talk about candidate recruitment on that front not so long ago), but they got their third statewide candidate today. Grand