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Podcast: Conrad Attacks and Cramer Takes Calls

Podcast: Conrad Attacks and Cramer Takes Calls

Congressman Kevin Cramer joined me for our weekly open phones segment, taking unscreened questions from the audience. Cramer also had some comments about his opponent in the Senate race, incumbent Heidi Heitkamp, going silent on the Kavanaugh controversy. “Why doesn’t she have an opinion?” he asked, adding that Heitkamp is squandering North Dakota’s influence over

Heitkamp Deploys Man Who Married His Campaign Manager to Attack Cramer for Hiring His Wife as Campaign Manager

Throughout this election North Dakota Democrats, and Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign specifically, have attacked Congressman Kevin Cramer for employing his wife as campaign manager. Kris Cramer has responded to these attacks, pointing out that she has an advanced degree in communications and is more than qualified to work for her husband, and based on FEC

Heidi Heitkamp Comes Out Against Trade War Mitigation Her Political Mentor Supported

I think we can adapt the Shirky Principle to politics by saying that politicians are opposed to fixing problems that are politically advantageous to them. An example of this is Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s recent posturing around the issue of President Trump’s trade war which is creating some undeniable headaches for North Dakota’s agriculture industry. Soybean

Voting For Sanders, North Dakota's Democrats Move To The Left Of Relevance

At the national level Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is struggling mightily to unite her party even as her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, continues to win in some states. That made North Dakota’s caucus last night kind of important, as implausible as that might seem. Normally our state is almost irrelevant to presidential politics, but

North Dakota Democrats Shifting To The Right On Trade?

Last night the U.S. Senate passed a trade bill that gives the executive branch a “fast track” process to bringing trade agreements before Congress. This is a generally positive development. The easier trade is, the better off we all are. But among the surprising votes for the agreement was Senator Heidi Heitkamp. You can see

ND Democrats Fighting Oil Tax Reform Should Take A Lesson From Kent Conrad

In the House Finance and Taxation committee today there is heated testimony over a delayed bill to eliminate a tax exemption triggered by low oil prices which could cost the state billions of revenues in the next biennium. Currently a 100 percent exemption to the state’s 6.5 percent extraction tax is on pace to trigger

“I’m Not Going To Be…Lobbying" Said Kent Conrad Before Taking Lobbying Job

“The one thing I know I’m not going to be doing is lobbying.” That’s what former North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad told the Bismarck Tribune in 2012 just before finishing his final term in the U.S. Senate. Now, one of the problems I always had with Senator Conrad was that he seemed to say one

Video: Byron Dorgan Tries To Explain Why Democrats Can't Win In North Dakota

North Dakota Democrats got a shellacking on election night. On the statewide ballot only Ag Commission candidate Ryan Taylor got more than 40 percent of the vote. And despite a long campaign against the Republican-controlled Legislature, complete with accusations of too much focus on abortion and denying little kids their milk, the best Democrats were

Not A Very Flattering Portrait Of Former North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad

Lindsay Mark Lewis is a former political fundraiser who has written a new book called Political Mercenaries: The Inside Story of How Fundraisers Allowed Billionaires to Take Over Politics. In Politico Magazine today he’s got a column about one of the politicians he worked for, former North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad. It doesn’t paint a very

Heidi Heitkamp And The "Sneak It Past The Rubes" Theory

At The Weekly Standard Jay Cost writes about what he describes as the “sneak it past the rubes” theory. North Dakotans might recognize the tactic, and the names of a few of its former practitioners: It seems that the Democrats have been developing a third model of representation of late: Call it the “sneak it past