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ND House Votes To Give Legislature Oversight On Oil And Gas Regulations

ND House Votes To Give Legislature Oversight On Oil And Gas Regulations

HB1187 is one of the bills introduced by Rep. Keith Kempenich (R-Bowman) taking aim at the North Dakota Industrial Commission. That commission, for the uninitiated, is one of the most powerful governing bodies in the state. It consists of the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Agriculture Commissioner. Among other things, it regulates oil and


Not So Much A Rollback Of Oil Regulations But A Change In Process

“Measure would void new North Dakota flaring, oil rules,” screams a headline from the Associated Press about Rep. Keith Kempenich’s bill to change the process by which oil regulations are passed by the the Industrial Commission. That headline set up a scolding and typically intemperate editorial from the Fargo Forum which, as usual, seems to have only

UPDATED North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 25 and 39 Richland, McKenzie, Golden Valley, Billings, Slope, Bowman, Dunn and Adams County Area Guide

UPDATED Candidate information below in bold type This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. The Districts: 25 and 39 Click

Does North Dakota Need A Longer Legislative Session?

In the first half of the legislative session the North Dakota House voted down HB1262, introduced by Rep. Keith Kempenich, but the bill got a surprising number of yes votes given the subject matter. Normally bills to expand the legislative session get voted down by large margins, but there seems to be a bit more

The ND House Tackles A Batch Of Property Tax Bills

Yesterday the state House addressed a slew of property tax bills (a full summary of the bills and outcomes below), including Governor Jack Dalrymple’s supposed “property tax relief” bill, which I thought was aptly characterized in this Grand Forks Herald headline: The Governor’s property tax relief isn’t really tax relief at all. Not when spending

Bill For Annual Legislative Session Gets Surprising Number Of Votes In ND House

Today Rep. Keith Kempenich’s bill, HB1262, to have North Dakota’s legislature meet every year instead if biannually was debated on the House floor today. And it got a surprising number of votes. It was defeated, but 30 members of the House (mostly Democrats) voted “yes.” Kempenich said he hoped to “see a lot of green

Legislator Wants ND's Legislature To Meet Every Year

There have often been proposals before the North Dakota legislature to expand the number of days that body spends in session. Currently the state constitution limits the legislature to just 80 days per biennium, though it doesn’t say that all those days have to be consecutive. Rep. Keith Kempenich wants to put in place statute

Interview: Rep. Kempenich Talks About Reforms To Constitutional Measure Process

Last week I wrote about a proposed resolution to reform North Dakota’s process for putting a constitutional measure on the ballot through petition signatures. Currently petitioners need only collect a number of signatures equal to 4% of the state’s population as of the last census. Kempenich’s resolution, if approved by the legislature and the voters,

Legislator Proposes Bill Making Constitutional Petition Process Harder

There have been a lot of measures on North Dakota’s ballots over the last few years, and it appears as though one legislator wants to make the process a little harder. Rep. Keith Kempenich, a Republican from Bowman, ND, is proposing a bill that if passed would amend the state constitution to require that any