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Plain Talk: RNC Spokesperson Talks Shutdown and State of the Union

Plain Talk: RNC Spokesperson Talks Shutdown and State of the Union

RNC National Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany joins Plain Talk today to explain what the government shutdown did and did not accomplish, whether President Trump lost his leverage by re-opening the government, and the politics around the State of the Union address. Also, North Dakota state agencies try to kill bills they don’t like with fiscal notes,

Podcast: College Student Says Paid Petitioners Working on Ethics Commission Measure Giving “Middle Finger to Our Values in North Dakota”

Jamal Omar, a student at North Dakota State University, joined me on the radio today to talk about the tactics being used by petitioners backing what they describe as an anti-corruption ballot measure. Omar said the petitioners have been misleading and overly aggressive. He described being approached by one of the petitioners. “I said ‘is

Podcast: Governor Doug Burgum Says North Dakotans Love President Trump for His “Straight Talk”

President Donald Trump earned nearly 63 of the vote in North Dakota last year, and earlier this year a Gallup poll showed he was more popular in this state than any other not named West Virginia. Why do North Dakotans like Trump so much? I asked Governor Doug Burgum that question today on my radio