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Plain Talk: ND Grocers Out to Gut Food Freedom Bill, and Why Can’t Second Cousins Farm Together?

Plain Talk: ND Grocers Out to Gut Food Freedom Bill, and Why Can’t Second Cousins Farm Together?

On this episode of Plain Talk, Ag Week publisher Katie Pinke talks about North Dakota’s corporate farming ban. A bill before the Legislature would widen the ban to let second cousins farm or ranch together, but should it really take an act of the Legislature for you to farm with your second cousin? Also, there

Ag Department Changes Exit Interviews Policy After SAB Report

On Thursday I published a story citing exit interviews I obtained through an open records request which illustrated low morale and a high turnover rate at the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. The story was intended to shed light on claims made by former Ag Department employee Katie Pinke who had accused Commissioner Doug Goehring of creating a “hostile work environment.”

Ag Commission Exit Interviews Complain Of Low Morale

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is being challenged for the NDGOP endorsement by Farm Bureau-backed Judy Estenson (Goehing is now saying he’ll run to the primary if he doesn’t get the party endorsement). Before Estenson launched her campaign, Goehring admitted in an email to Farm Bureau members that he engaged in some inappropriate behavior around female

Allegedly Harrassed Ag Department Employee Said She Wasn't Uncomfortable Around Commissioner

An incident involving two females of the North Dakota’s Department of Agriculture and state Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring came to light earlier this week when a Republican primary challenger to Goehring stepped forward. Goehring admitted in an email to North Dakota Farm Bureau members (the group is backing primary challenger Judy Estenson) to inappropriate conduct

Audio: Former Ag Department Employee Says Goehring Created A "Hostile Work Environment"

Earlier today SAB broke the news about complaints from Ag Department employees against Commissioner Doug Goehring concerning his professional behavior around women. This afternoon I spoke with Katie Pinke, a former employee at the Ag Department who talked about her experiences there. She says it was more than that one incident, and claims that several employees