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Guest Post: Drug Importation Is Not the Solution for High Drug Prices

Guest Post: Drug Importation Is Not the Solution for High Drug Prices

This guest post was submitted by state Rep. Karen Rohr (R-Mandan) and Rep. Lisa Meier (R-Bismarck). As prescription drugs become an ever more important aspect of modern medicine, leaders of all political stripes are increasingly concerned about the out-of-pocket cost of prescription drugs, especially for seniors.  Some of these suggestions, like passing most of the

Rep. Karen Rohr (R-Mandan) discusses legislation creating a drug testing program for welfare recipients.

Video: House Passes Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients With No Debate

It surprised me that there was no floor debate over HB1308 today. Last week a pretty much identical bill failed in the state Senate on a 20-26 vote after a lengthy debate (video here). But in the state House today an amended version of HB1308 – which would refer those on employment plans in the

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Video: Democrat Attempts "Gotcha" Moment On State House Floor, Fails Miserably

Democrats have been irate over a bill – HB1181 introduced by Rep. Roscoe Streyle (R-Minot) – which changes how North Dakota fills vacancies in its U.S. Senate seats. Currently those are filled by gubernatorial appointment. The bill would require a special election. This makes Democrats angry because Senator Heidi Heitkamp isn’t ruling out a run