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North Dakota Is Creating A Special Fund For Suing The Federal Government

North Dakota Is Creating A Special Fund For Suing The Federal Government

North Dakota is a state where the economy is dominated by industry. Agriculture and energy, specifically. As such, there is always a lot of tension between the state and the federal government when it comes to regulating those industries. Generally, the State of North Dakota and its industries would just as soon the federal government

Video: Senate Declines To Protect Historical Society From State Fair Eviction

I’ve written previously (here and here) about the feud between the Ward County Historical Society and the North Dakota State Fair. The State Fair Association wants the Historical Society off the fairgrounds because they want to expand, though the State Fair folks are being coy about what exactly they want to do with the property.

After Lengthy Debate, And With Some Serious Misgivings, Senate Narrowly Approves Melicher For SBHE

Despite an abysmal performance in support of his own candidacy before a Senate committee, resulting in that committee recommending against appointment, Dalrymple SBHE nominee Kevin Melicher was confirmed today on a 27-18 vote (he needed 24 votes). The debate was interesting in that every single speaker who rose, even those who spoke in support of

North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 4, 20, and 28 Mountrail, Dunn, McLean, Traill, Grand Forks, Cass, Emmons, Burleigh, Logan, McIntosh and Dickey County Area Guide

This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. The Districts: 4, 20 and 28 Click on a District number above for a map of

North Dakota Senate Mid-Session Legislative Vote Ranking

Yesterday we published a ranking of North Dakota House members based on what we considered to be key votes from the first half of the session. Today we’re publishing the Senate version of that ranking. What you’ll notice, right off the bat, is that the House is a lot more conservative than the Senate. That