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NDGOP State Committee Votes Against Endorsing Legislation to End North Dakota’s Open Primaries

NDGOP State Committee Votes Against Endorsing Legislation to End North Dakota’s Open Primaries

Tonight the North Dakota Republican Party voted against a resolution endorsing legislation aimed at ending North Dakota’s open primary system. Here’s the vote tally, per the party: 19-Yes 29-No 8-Absent/Not Voting The resolution would have needed 29 “yes” votes to pass, so it wasn’t particularly close. The issue was brought to the state party by District

Legislation Could End North Dakota’s Open June Primary, Which Is Good in Principle but Could Be Bad for Republicans in Practice

Do most voters understand how candidates end up on the ballot in November? I’m not sure they do, and perhaps they can’t be blamed. Here in North Dakota, the process is a little convoluted. The political parties – Republicans, Democrats, sometimes even the Libertarians – hold a series of conventions to endorse candidates. First there

John Trandem: North Dakota's Abortion Fight Was Worth Every Penny

The Fargo Forum recently chastised the North Dakota legislature for engaging in the battle to curtail abortion through legislative action and the Attorney General for defending the laws in court. What they didn’t mention is that a host of pro-life legislation which has been passed, even against the advice of the Forum and others in

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John Trandem: Heidi Heitkamp Prioritizes Planned Parenthood Over Access To Health Care For Women

Throughout Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s time in public life, she has consistently taken the lead on issues important to women.  That is why I am so confused about her recent votes against expanding women’s healthcare coverage throughout the state. With the recent controversy over Planned Parenthood, bills have been introduced in Congress that would ensure, despite

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John Trandem: North Dakota Got It Right On Discrimination Law

Recent headlines, cartoons, and LTE submissions supporting SB-2279 seem to follow a common tactic with regard to debate. That is, opponents cite issues with the language, scope, and unintended consequences of the bill itself, while proponents cite issues with the opponents. Even local Editorial Boards followed this fatally flawed template. Questions were posed regarding protections

On Television: Illegal Immigration And A Full-Time Legislature

I participated in the 6:30 Point of View roundtable tonight with Chris Berg, Cindy Gomez-Schemp of the People’s Press Project, and John Trandem who is the Chairman of District 45 for the NDGOP. Our topics were illegal immigration and the possibility of a full-time Legislature. On the first topic, I tend to think that three