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John Olsrud: Does It Matter Where Legislators Live?

John Olsrud: Does It Matter Where Legislators Live?

In the general election in 2016 the voters of North Dakota will be deciding whether to amend the state constitution to add language stating that a legislator must live in the district from which elected.  This may seem like a simple idea, but there are ramifications we should consider. Most of the attention regarding this

John Olsrud: Does It Matter What Voters Had To Say On The Oil Extraction Tax?

In Susan Wefald’s book, Important Voices; North Dakota’s Women Elected State Officials Share Their Stories 1893-2013, she writes that when she was elected to the North Dakota Public Service Commission, she realized from the beginning that it was not her job to look after the large companies who came before the PSC, as they had

Matt Evans: If The EPA Cares About Me So Much, It Can Send A Card

I am responding to Mr. Olsrud’s article from Wednesday, titled “when did the EPA become the bad guys”. Go read the piece, if you haven’t.  I’ll wait. I was really disappointed when I read this.  Given the stature and experience of the author, I was hoping for something better and more convincing. The first difficulty

John Olsrud: When Did The EPA Become The Bad Guys?

The Environmental Protection Agency is one of the outstanding success stories witnessed by my generation.  Created by executive order of President Richard Nixon in 1970, the agency has been successful in ways we never could have anticipated at its inception. Many of the readers of this blog are too young to know what our country

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John Olsrud: Voting Has Nothing To Do With Driving

Much attention has been given to the “easy as pie” voting system in North Dakota after voting requirements were tightened by the 2013 Legislative Assembly.  Subsequent reports have indicated the new requirements have disenfranchised hundreds of students who wished to vote in their current precincts.  Instead of changing the law back to the way it

John Olsrud: Time To End Prayers At The Legislature?

For 25 years when I was director of the North Dakota Legislative Council, I coordinated the chaplaincy program for both legislative chambers. Once the program was set up, and a clergy coordinator was selected by a local ministerial association, we told that coordinator the program had to be inclusive and nondenominational. We then kept at

John Olsrud: Make No Mistake, North Dakota Has Ethics Issues

The North Dakota House of Representatives recently killed a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to create an ethics commission for North Dakota state government. I am not sure if an ethics commission is the answer, but I have a few bridges I would like to sell to those people who say we have no