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John Dorso: North Dakota Is Spending Too Much On Education

John Dorso: North Dakota Is Spending Too Much On Education

As I watched the debate in the North Dakota House today on HB 1218 I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or I was truly disgusted. I have witnessed the North Dakota legislature become the whipping post for the education establishment for thirty years. Whether it is K-12 funding or the higher ed folks

John Dorso: On Campaign Finance, Citizens Only Care Where The Money Comes From

For twenty plus years I have watched North Dakota Democrat legislators introduce bills dealing with campaign finance.  During the same time period I am not aware that there ever was a proven case of a Republican being convicted of the fraud that the minority thinks exists. If there is a need to pass legislation it

John Dorso: Renaissance Zone Policy Due For Some Refinement

I noticed Senate Bill 2329 concerning Renaissance Zones has been introduced.  Since I was involved in the passage of the original enabling legislation I was curious as to what it concerned.  As you are aware the creation of the RZ’s has been a big success in North Dakota and has garnered considerable interest in other

John Dorso: Legislative Session Will Hinge On Oil Prices

I haven’t had an opportunity to review the entire Governors budget message just delivered to the organizational session of the 64th legislative session.  Based on a quick overview I would like to make a few comments.   Governors and the Office of Management and Budget have always had a difficult time putting together a budget that

Dorso Column: Great Philosophers And Rejected Legislative Studies

Monday the 3rd we leave for England where I get to remove some more from the old bucket list. We will go to Normandy to be reminded of the tremendous price patriots have paid for our individual freedoms. I also intend to see most of the sights in London but I am most interested in