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John Andrist: You Just Can’t Corral the Economy

John Andrist: You Just Can’t Corral the Economy

What kind of system do we have in this country? Some say it’s a republic, some say it’s a democracy. My conclusion is it is a market system. We can modify it, curse its shortcomings, try alter it, or regulate it. But you can’t overcome it. Neither can the rest of the world. Most of

John Andrist: Searching for Civility Amid Conflict

A recent, brief visit with Tina Simonson Moe rekindled memories of her mom, Ailsa Simonson, and the special relationship we shared. Ailsa was a full-blown Democrat activist in her heyday, probably the strongest party leader Divide County ever produced. She rose to the position of state chairman of Democratic women during the party’s North Dakota zenith, at