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Fargo Forum Has A Double Standard When It Comes To Which Candidates We Should Be Ashamed Of

Fargo Forum Has A Double Standard When It Comes To Which Candidates We Should Be Ashamed Of

“A teacher who almost got the North Dakota Republican Party’s nod to run for superintendent of public instruction harbors opinions and beliefs that should embarrass sensible Republicans,” opines the Fargo Forum editorial board today. The operative word in that sentence is “almost.” The candidate in question is Fort Totten teacher Joe Chiang who did outperform expectations

Joe Chiang: Common Core Math Is Not Common

There have been complaints about elementary teachers, elementary students, and parents of elementary students being unable to understand Common Core elementary math.  There is a logical reason. The methods elementary teachers must teach are learned by math majors in Number Theory College Math class, an advanced math class sometimes taken by math minors as well

Incumbent Superintendent Almost Upset By Anti-Common Core Teacher

Superintendent Kirsten Baesler – who has had a rocky first term in office between an ugly battle over the controversial Common Core standards and personal issues which spilled into the headlines – won a squeaker over Fort Totten teacher Joe Chiang today. The official announcement was that there were 1,640 seated delegates, but only 1,359

Gallup: North Dakotans Have Most Positive Views Of Public Education In The Nation

Gallup surveyed residents of all fifty states about their perceptions of their state’s public education system. The research organization asked about the quality of education, and whether schools are adequately preparing students for the workforce. North Dakota came out on top for each question, which is probably good news for state Superintendent Kirsten Baesler who is