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House Majority Leader Al Carlson, R-Fargo, foreground, sits in the gallery at the North Dakota Supreme Court as state Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, middle, and Gov. Doug Burgum confer during legal arguments presented to the five justices in the case involving the challenge by lawmakers of Burgum's issuing five vetoes on parts of spending bills passed in the 2017 legislative session. Mike McCleary / Bismarck Tribune

Will Doug Burgum’s Victory at the State Supreme Court Mean Yearly Legislative Sessions for North Dakota?

Will Doug Burgum’s Victory at the State Supreme Court Mean Yearly Legislative Sessions for North Dakota?

Earlier this year the state Supreme Court issued in opinion in ND Legislative Assembly vs. Governor Doug Burgum which found that both sides of that dispute had been operating beyond their constitutional restraints. The court struck down four of Burgum’s vetoes from the 2017 legislative session, but they also found that the Legislature itself had

House Minority Leader Rep. Cory Mock, D-Grand Forks, right, answers questions along with Senate assistant minority leader Sen. John Grabinger, at a press conference in Bismarck requesting North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem to withdraw from a Texas lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act. Bismarck Tribune photo

Attorney General Stenehjem Responds to Democrats, Says Lawsuit Challenging Obamacare Is His Duty

Lately North Dakota Democrats have been trying to make a campaign issue out of a lawsuit challenging the legality of Obamacare. The suit was filed by the State of Texas, which is paying for it, and Attorney General Wayne Stenehejm joined North Dakota to the list of plaintiffs. The Democrats – most recently Senator Heidi

Senator Judy Lee (R-Fargo) speaks against legislation to implement drug testing for welfare recipients.

Video: Senate Votes Down Second Bill Requiring Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Earlier this session the state Senate voted down SB2279, introduced by Senator Tom Campbell, which would have implemented drug testing for welfare recipients. Today the Senate took up a version of this same bill, though this one originated in the House and passed there last month. HB1308 would require that TANF (welfare) recipients participating in

Senator Judy Lee (R-Fargo) speaks in favor of a bill to change an initiated measure approved by voters to legalize access to medical marijuana.

Video: With Strong Bipartisan Support, Senate Passes Changes to Medical Marijuana Measure

One of the most contentious topics in the North Dakota legislature so far has been the issue of medical marijuana. Much of that contention focused on what is and is not the will of the people. Opponents to SB2344, legislation backed by the bi-partisan leadership of the House and Senate chambers, say that the Legislature

State Senator Tom Campbell (R-Grafton) speaks in favor of his bill to implement drug testing for some TANF recipients.

Video: Senate Defeats Bill Instituting Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

SB2279, introduced by Senator Tom Campbell (R-Grafton), came to the floor today in a form substantially changed from how it was introduced. It was “hog housed,” to use the parlance of the North Dakota legislature. Where the original iteration of the bill would have required drug testing for TANF recipients, and removed benefits from them

TOM STROMME/Bismarck Tribune
North Dakota lawmakers listen as Gov. Jack Dalrymple delivers his budget address on the final day of the Legislature's organizational session on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Tom Stromme / Bismarck Tribune

Bill Would Mandate “Cultural Competency Training” for State Officials, Lawmakers

Legislation introduced by Senate Minority Leader Joan Heckaman would mandate “cultural competency training” for state officials. Here’s the pertinent excerpt from the legislation, which you can read in full below: It would also mandate that each organization session for the Legislature include similar training: This may surprise some of you readers, but I’m not immediately

Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum, left, and his running mate Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford, right. Photo courtesy of Burgum campaign

Audio: Republican Gov Candidate Doug Burgum Says He Doesn’t Know if Trump Is a Disaster, “I Guess We’ll See on Nov 8”

I had Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum on my radio show today. My first question for him was relevant to a post I wrote this morning about the Marvin Nelson campaign complaining that Burgum’s running mate wouldn’t debate. Apparently the University of Mary tried to schedule a debate between Nelson’s running mate, state Senator Joan

North Dakota Democrats Seat Just 252 Delegates For State Convention

“Democrats kick off convention today with most delegates since 2008,” reads the headline to this Mike Nowtazki article published last night. It is a preview of the Democratic state convention which begins in earnest today in Bismarck. Party executive director Robert Haider fed Nowatzki some spin, I think. “Democratic-NPL Party Executive Director Robert Haider said