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Book Review: The Weed Agency By Jim Geraghty

Book Review: The Weed Agency By Jim Geraghty

If you’re going to satirize the workings of government, is there any literary vehicle more fitting than farce? That’s what author Jim Geraghty – contributor to National Review sets out to do in The Weed Agency: A Comic Tale of Federal Bureaucracy Without Limits, and he largely succeeds. His chief obstacle, of course, is the

Not Sequestered: Obama Takes 22-Car Motorcade Six Blocks To Dinner

In this report about President Obama’s decision to shut down White House tours as a way to manufacture angst about sequester spending reductions, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl notes that Obama was conveyed last night to a dinner with Senate Republicans by a 22-car motorcade. Total distance traveled? Six blocks. Because, in this time of sequesterpocalypse,