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With the Courts Making Parking Enforcement More Complicated North Dakota Needs to Legalize Meters

With the Courts Making Parking Enforcement More Complicated North Dakota Needs to Legalize Meters

A Michigan woman by the name of Alison Taylor, fed up with getting parking tickets, decided to make a federal case out of it. Literally. She objected to the chalking of her tires by law enforcement. This is a common practice for parking law enforcers. They put a chalk mark on your tire in order to

Plain Talk: More Than You Ever Really Wanted to Know About Pore Space

On a previous episode of Plain Talk, state Senator Jessica Unruh made the case for her bill (which has now passed the House and Senate and is currently in conference committee) address the issue of pore space and other issues important to the oil and coal industry in the state. On this episode Troy Coons,

Plain Talk: Does a Hair Braider Really Need 1,800 Hours of Training?

On this episode of Plain Talk I speak with an entrepreneur named Peace Suglo who tried to open a hair braiding business in Fargo. Unfortunately, to do so North Dakota law requires a person in that line of business to attend 1,800 hours of cosmetology training. Ironically, Sugly says, North Dakota’s cosmetology curriculum does no

Offer of Free Ballet Tickets Sets Off Emailed War of Words Among Lawmakers, Measure 1 Activist

A legislative source forwarded me an email exchange which illustrates perfectly the Legislature’s efforts to implement Measure 1 (ethics) approved by voters last year. And why many observers, including myself and the ACLU, opposed the measure as an infringement on speech and political activity unreasonable to the point of being unconstitutional. The whole thing is

Senator Jessica Unruh: Celebrating One Year of the Dakota Access Pipeline

This guest post was submitted by state Senator Jessica Unruh of District 33. She is chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and interim Taxation Committee. She is also an Environmental Manager with North American Coal Corporation at one of their Beulah, ND coal mine locations. Almost without notice, an important anniversary came and

Roscoe Streyle: Creating the Department of Environmental Quality Makes Sense

The name-calling, angry, “retired” attack dog of the left Jack Zaleski has been at it again. Readers have to wonder why The Forum still gives him a platform to spew his dishonest venom. The poor excuse of a column he wrote on April 16, 2017, “‘Quality’ in eyes of beholder,” is the epitome of poor

Senator Jessica Unruh: Permanent Property Tax Reform Is What’s Best for North Dakotans

This session, the state of North Dakota continued in its efforts to keep property taxes and basic services local while providing substantial permanent relief to taxpayers and reform to the system. In recent years, state programs like the 12% property tax buy-down have been highly publicized, but only provided short-term relief to property taxpayers in

Senator Unruh & Rep. Porter: It Is Time for a North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality

This guest post was submitted by Senator Jessica Unruh (R-Beulah) and Rep. Todd Porter (R-Mandan) With the passage of SB 2327 and the creation of the ND Department of Environmental Quality, our state is now better equipped than ever before to take control of its own environmental future. This bill will move the environmental health

Pro-Wind Lawmaker Accidentally Speaks the Truth About Wind Energy: It’s Not Needed or Stable

“I want to see us support and make coal more competitive,” said House Minority Leader Corey Mock, a Democrat from Grand Forks, said in a committee hearing in Bismarck last week. “But I certainly wouldn’t want to do it at the expense of other energy industries.” That’s an ironic statement given that the topic at