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Following along on bill revisions in a conference committee dealing with the Human Services Budget on Wednesday morning in the Roughrider Room of the state Capitol are, from right, Rep. Kathy Hogan, D-Fargo, Rep. Jeffrey Magrum, R-Hazelton, Rep. Sebastian Ertelt, R-Lisbon, and Rep. Aaron McWilliams, R-Hillsboro. TOM STROMME, BISMARCK TRIBUNE

Rep. Jeff Magrum: Supporting Women Means Supporting Pro-Business Policies

Rep. Jeff Magrum: Supporting Women Means Supporting Pro-Business Policies

This guest post was submitted by Rep. Jeff Magrum. He and his wife, Donna, have been small business owners for 33 years. Jeff currently represents North Dakota’s 28th Legislative District. March was Women’s History Month, but there’s no limit on celebrating the successes of the women who make up our workforce. Women are doing especially well in

Rep. Jeff Magrum, a Republican from Hazelton, speaks on the floor of the North Dakota House.

Video: North Dakota Lawmaker Apparently Didn’t Know That Abortion Is Legal in His State

Today the North Dakota House of Representatives took up in a floor debate HB1319. This is touchy legislation. It would make it possible for children put up for adoption to obtain a copy of their birth record which would identify his/her biological parents. Currently the parents, specifically the mother, can opt for a closed record.

State Rep. Sebastian Ertlet, a Republican from Lisbon, speaks in favor of legislation to space out rumble strips.

Video: Lawmakers Vent Frustrations With DOT During Rumble Strips Debate

Taken at face value HB1284 seems like a pretty simple piece of policy. All it does is require that the rumble strips on our state highways be placed at 20 foot intervals. Typically those strips, which are along the fog lines of most highways in the state and along the center lines on undivided highways,