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Vote for Women Because They’re Smart and Qualified Not Because They’re Women

Vote for Women Because They’re Smart and Qualified Not Because They’re Women

The politics of identity is the worst sort of politics. A recent example, columnist Jane Ahlin insisting that Fargo citizens ought to vote for women in the municipality’s city commission race simply because they’re women. Cutting through the torturous metaphor about the Kingdom of Ograf (Fargo backwards), Ahlin says people who voted against past female

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Fargo Forum Has An Ethical Problem When It Comes To Opposing Fargo Tax Cut Proposal

Today the Fargo Forum’s editorial board, in typically juvenile fashion, slammed Fargo City Commissioners Tony Gehrig and Dave Piepkorn for supporting a property tax cut. Gehrig’s plan failed on a 3-2 vote. “Smarter heads prevailed Monday when the Fargo City Commission turned down an ill-conceived property tax cut proposal that was more political and ideological fluff than

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Fargo Forum Editorial Board Has A Truth And Accuracy Problem

A couple of weeks ago the Fargo Forum had a typically juvenile editorial about early childhood education legislation which singled out Rep. Jim Kasper, a Fargo Republican, as the leader of the opposition to the bill. The Forum wrote that opponents of the legislation were longing “for the time when barefoot, pregnant and home-no-matter- what

Chris Dodson: Abortion Activists Mislead On Language Of Human Trafficking Bill

Except for once instance when forced to by a federal court because of the state’s participation in a federal program, North Dakota taxpayers have never funded abortion referrals or counseling in favor of abortion.  Several provisions in the North Dakota Century Code secure that policy for specific programs. To maintain that policy, the North Dakota

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North Dakota's Editorial Bullies

Have the rest of you noticed the tone of the state’s editorial boards, specifically those of the state’s two biggest newspapers in Grand Forks and Fargo, becoming increasingly shrill? As a conservative, you get used to hostility toward your ideas and philosophy from the state’s media. That’s nothing new. Nor are intemperate diatribes from the

Every Single Pro-Life Bill Passed By The North Dakota Legislature Has Had Bi-Partisan Support

The media narrative taking shape around the slate of pro-life bills passed by the state legislature has made it sound as though this legislation is somehow extreme. Grand Forks Herald publisher Mike Jacobs wrote that the passage of these bills illustrates that “zealotry has free rein” in the legislature. “Extremists not interested in abortion middle

Guest Post: NDSU Planned Parenthood Funding About Politics Not Science

Jane Ahlin takes great liberties with the word “scientific” in her Fargo Forum column published January 19, 2013. In her comments regarding President Bresciani’s decision to “freeze” the $1.2 million in grant funding for a North Dakota State University (NDSU) joint venture with Planned Parenthood (PP), Ms. Ahlin takes great liberty with words and “facts”

If You Take Taxpayer Money, You Have To Listen To The Taxpayers

Certain members of North Dakota’s university system, and some of their apologists, are throwing a screaming fit over the politically-motivated decision by NDSU President Dean Bresciani to freeze federal grant funds from Obamacare intended for a sex education program. Bresciani, whose promise (given his character, or more accurately lack there of) will no doubt last