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Dinner for Lawmakers, Paid for by Lobbyists, Was Legal Only Because There Aren’t Any Ethics Rules Yet

Dinner for Lawmakers, Paid for by Lobbyists, Was Legal Only Because There Aren’t Any Ethics Rules Yet

Recently a group of 29 North Dakota lawmakers took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, which cost the taxpayers nearly $90,000. You probably haven’t heard much about it since both Republicans and Democrats were on the trip and most of our media commentators are so thoroughly addled by partisanship they get frozen when the controversy is

Rep. Jake Blum: State Agencies Lobbying via Fiscal Notes Must End

This guest post was submitted by state Rep. Jake Blum (R-Grand Forks). Yesterday’s floor debate on House Bill 1264, regarding a speed limit increase on both interstate and multi-lane highways spurred a vigorous exchange from both proponents, and opponents of the bill. However, this debate soon evolved into a larger showcase of all that is

Video: Lawmakers Rip Department of Transportation for “Ridiculous” $50 Million Fiscal Note on Speed Limit Bill

Yesterday the state House failed to pass HB1264 which would have North Dakota’s speed limit on multi-lane highways to 75 mph for state highways and 80 mph for the interstates. I wrote “failed to pass” instead of “voted down” because the vote was actually a tie. It was 46 to 46, with 2 lawmakers not

There Need to Be Consequences for State Agencies Trying to Kill Legislation With Politically Motivated Fiscal Notes

Whether the legislating is taking place in the Legislature in Bismarck, or at the ballot box during an election year, North Dakota has a process which is intended to inform us all as to the potential costs of a given proposal. That process is called the “fiscal note,” and it’s essentially the various state agencies

North Dakota Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Backing Trump’s Call for a Border Wall

Nationally the federal government is shut down over funding for the border wall (or fence or whatever) that President Trump campaigned on in 2016. Here in North Dakota a group of state lawmakers – including House Majority Leader Chet Pollert and Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner – have signed onto a resolution calling for the

Plain Talk: If the Voters Cast Their Ballots for Bad Policy, Does That Suddenly Make It Good Policy?

On this episode of the Plain Talk Podcast, state Rep. Jake Blum (R-Grand Forks) talks about his legislation to raise speed limits on North Dakota’s highways and interstates. Also, the Fargo Forum suddenly editorial lashes out at Republican lawmakers for supposedly disrespecting the will of the people when it comes to implementing Measure 1, which

Young Legislative Republicans Learn That in Politics the People Are Never Wrong (Even When They’re Wrong)

The job of a North Dakota lawmaker isn’t over on Friday when they return from Bismarck to their districts. The men and women elected to make our state’s laws are expected to meet with their constituents and participate in public forums organized by local organizations like a Chamber of Commerce or Rotary group. One such

Anna Woodcock: How Republicans Unseated Democratic Leaders in Grand Forks

2016 has been the year of political upsets. President-elect Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the Republicans were able to maintain control of the US Senate, and the vast majority of political pundits were wrong at every turn. But in Grand Forks, a campaign upset was brewing that almost nobody saw coming. Kylie Oversen was a

UPDATED: Democrats, University of North Dakota Seek Digital Safe Space for Students to Protect Them From Republicans

Back during the 2014 election cycle North Dakota Democrats engaged in some rank political grandstanding, claiming that a Republican-aligned marketing firm had somehow violated the law by obtaining a directory of student email addresses from the North Dakota University System through an open records request and then sending messages to those accounts. The Democrats –

Chairwoman Of North Dakota Democrats In Danger Of Losing Her Legislative Seat? UPDATE: Maybe Not

UPDATE: There apparently was some confusion about whether Kreun was running for the House or Senate. The Grand Forks Herald initially reported House but have since changed their article to reflect that Kreun is running for the Senate. He’ll be challenging Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider there. So Schneider’s race, not Oversen’s, is the one which just