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Terrorism Response Should Be Love and Understanding Not Fear and Hate

Terrorism Response Should Be Love and Understanding Not Fear and Hate

This is spot-on, I think: If Trump wins the election, a persistent resistance to calling terrorism terrorism will be a major reason why. — Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) September 19, 2016 Caution, and a desire to refrain from jumped-to conclusions, is one thing. A stubborn refusal to embrace reality because it is politically inconvenient is quite

ND Lawmaker Hints At Boycott If Muslim Leader Is Invited Back For Invocation

The decision by some house lawmakers to reject an invocation which was to have been delivered to North Dakota House on Ash Wednesday has created no small amount of controversy and attracted national media attention. Now a lawmaker at the center of the controversy is hinting at a boycott, and his political party is putting

Republicans Object To Muslim Delivering Invocation To Legislature

I usually don’t pay much attention to the invocations given before legislative floor sessions. From what I’ve observed, they invite a number of leaders across denominations to deliver an invocation each day as the lawmakers gavel in for floor work. I’ve seen everyone from Lutherans and Catholics to Native American leaders give the invocation. Yesterday

Miss World Cancels Bikini Competition After Muslims Object

If a group of Christians objected to a beauty pageant bikini competition they’d be subjected to much snickering and ridicule. They certainly wouldn’t be catered to. But Muslims object, and suddenly we must be sensitive to their views. Which isn’t to say that we ought to cancel bikini contests when Christians demand it too. Count