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Using the Legacy Fund to Eliminate Income Taxes Would Not Make North Dakota Like Alaska

Using the Legacy Fund to Eliminate Income Taxes Would Not Make North Dakota Like Alaska

During the last legislative session there was a bill, passed by the state House by a wide margin but shot down by the Senate, which would have used revenues from the state’s Legacy Fund to reduce and eventually eliminate state income taxes. I interviewed the sponsor, state Rep. Craig Headland (R-Montpelier), about the legislation earlier

Let’s Use the Legacy Fund to Lower Taxes, Not Just Grow Government

As the legislative session in Bismarck nears its end, some lawmakers have brought back the idea of using Legacy Fund earnings – earnings, mind you, not the principal – to buy down and perhaps eventually replace state income taxes. The bill – HB1530, introduced by Rep. Craig Headland (R-Montpelier) and defeated earlier this session but

Podcast: Work Requirements for Food Stamps, Eliminating the State Income Tax

On the radio show today, Kristina Rasmussen from the Foundation for Accountability in Government was on to discuss the issue of work requirements in the House version of the farm bill. She noted that Democrats have supported work requirements for social welfare programs in the past (notably under former President Bill Clinton) and that some

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From the Left: Defending North Dakota's Brand Of Conservatism

This will not come as a surprise for anybody who pays attention, but North Dakota conservatism is not the same as conservatism in other parts of the Country.  I believe that frustrates many people on both sides of the political aisle. Those on the right become frustrated because of a perceived lack of party purity

ND Lawmakers Will Have Two Choices On Income Taxes: Eliminate It, Or Phase It Out

Rep. Al Carlson, the House Majority Leader, has announced that he will be introducing legislation which would take North Dakota’s personal and corporate income tax rates down to zero. But back in September Rep. Scott Louser of Minot announced here on SAB legislation that would take income tax rates down to zero as well. What’s

North Dakota's Income Tax Collections Soar Even As Rates Are Cut Nearly In Half

During his budget address to the Legislature last week Governor Jack Dalrymlpe, by way of trying to bolster a measly proposal for just $125 million in personal/corporate income tax relief, pointed out that if lawmaker institute his proposed cuts the income tax rates will be nearly 50 percent lower than before 2009. Collective, that’s not

Ironic: Governor Dalrymple Gets Credit For Other People's Tax Cuts

The Cato Institute today released their analysis of gubernatorial performance on fiscal issues. North Dakota’s Jack Dalrymple got a pretty good grade, coming in 12th in the nation, though I’m not sure he deserves it. The full report from Cato is here. Here’s their summary of Dalrymple’s performance:   Dalrymple got a much lower grade

Why North Dakota's Property Tax "Relief" Won't Work: State Money Isn't Free Money

State Senator Tom Campbell (R-Grafton) has a letter in the Grand Forks Herald today extolling the virtues of the state property tax spending (we have got to stop calling it “tax relief”) by explaining what the impact might be on the average property tax payer: Let’s assume you live in Grand Forks or Walsh County