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Raising Taxes on Businesses Is a Good Way to Hurt North Dakota

Raising Taxes on Businesses Is a Good Way to Hurt North Dakota

North Dakota is very much beholden to commodity prices. Our state is dominated by industries which produce products – be they crops or coal or oil – of variable value. Oil prices are, in particular, notoriously volatile as our lawmakers in Bismarck slashing budgets to make up for revenue shortfalls are well aware of. This

Doug Burgum Should Renew His Push to Eliminate the Income Tax

Fargo businessman Doug Burgum may have won the Republican primary vote in a landslide on Tuesday, probably making him our next governor given the inability by Democrats to field competitive candidates, but without a strong crossover vote from Democrats it probably wouldn’t have been a landslide at all. He probably still would have won, but

With Oil Prices Uncertain House Passes Smallest Income Tax Cut Bill Available

Today the state House took up four different income tax bills. One passed, and three failed. Here’s what House lawmakers rejected: HB1167: Introduced by Rep. Scott Louser (R-Minot), this was by far the largest tax cut before the House. It would have represented a reduction of $973 million in personal income taxes in the coming biennium by

Rauschenberger: Seeking Treatment Was "One Of The Best Decisions I Ever Made"

North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger pulled off a rare feat in the modern era of American politics. Earlier this year he confessed to me that he was struggling with alcohol addiction. He then left the campaign trail for a month to seek treatment before coming back and soundly defeating his opponent, Democrat Jason Astrup,

Rep. Rick Becker: In Defense Of Eliminating The Income Tax

North Dakota is awash in money.  Due primarily to oil revenue, our state is enjoying great prosperity.  Our coffers are overflowing. In line with conservative thought, we have planned ahead and have funds for future needs. Those funds, however, are flush with money to the point that we have created (and possibly are still creating)

Rep. Scott Louser: Let's Take The Personal Income Tax Rate Down To Zero

North Dakota is benefiting from a fantastic economy and leads the nation in many economic indicators. Our prosperity has lead to the opportunity to consider a true change in the state income tax code. Last fall and subsequently in the spring of this year, I requested that Legislative Council prepare the bills that I intent