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James Kerian: What If Democrats Actually Cared About Income Inequality?

James Kerian: What If Democrats Actually Cared About Income Inequality?

In 2008 liberals hailed Obama for his promise to “spread the wealth around.”  But now even the most devoted liberals must acknowledge that income inequality has grown under this president. Disappointed in their would-be savior the left-wing activists have turned their hopes to seventy-four year old Bernie Sanders who has had absolutely no success whatsoever stemming

Income Inequality Is Irrelevant: North Dakota Has 6th Highest Threshold For "1%"

Fargo Forum reporter, and Occupy Wall Street enthusiast, Patrick Springer has an article today about income inequality in North Dakota, noting that the state has the 6th highest income threshold for inclusion in 1 percent. The maligned 1 percent, according to Springer: Membership in the much-maligned top 1 percent of income earners in North Dakota would

The Rich Are Getting Richer, And The Poor Are Getting Richer Too

Professor Mark Perry posted yesterday two graphs that are stunning in their implications, especially as President Obama and Democrats attempt to execute an election-year pivot way from their Obamacare disaster to income inequality. The folks on the left are fond of telling us that the poor are getting poorer, but is that true? As Perry

Under Obama, The Rich Have Gotten Richer

President Obama is nothing if not a class warrior, using the themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement to color his railing about the “1%” not “paying their fair share,” etc., etc. But what if it turned out the rich had actually gotten richer under President Obama’s governance? Remember too that from 2007 through 2010