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Print Column: The Left’s Fixation on Identity Politics Has Been a Boon for White Supremacists

Print Column: The Left’s Fixation on Identity Politics Has Been a Boon for White Supremacists

MINOT, N.D. — Hate groups are using the internet to target young white Americans. Quite successfully, it seems, according to a recent Washington Post report headlined, “How white supremacists are recruiting boys online.” The story details the efforts of various hate groups to lure white kids into their ignorant causes with memes and humor. It’s working. The infamous

The 2020 Democratic Primary Might Destroy Identity Politics Once and for All

I am not a fan of President Donald Trump’s approach to politics and governing. I’m talking about style, not necessarily substance. On policy I agree with the Trump administration more often than I disagree, but when you’re the leader of the free world your style matters too. Trump’s tweets make me cringe. His use of

Plain Talk: At the Heart of the Ilhan Omar Controversy Is Identity Politics

At the heart of the controversy surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar and her remarks on Jews and Israel are certain pernicious realities about identity politics. Much of the defense of Omar has become a contest to see whose demographic group has been victimized more. When the House of Representatives passed a resolution in response to Omar’s

Print Column: The Absurdity of Identity Politics When Identity Is Self-Identified

There’s some weird stuff going on in the national Democratic Party, otherwise known as the organization North Dakota Democrats like Heidi Heitkamp and Mac Schneider like to pretend they aren’t a part of during election years. In recent weeks the party has had to address the problem of superdelegates, an Orwellian classification of elite Democrats

The Goal of Gender Parity in Elected Office Is as Dumb as It Is Insulting

Voters in North Dakota have no problem casting ballots for female candidates. We know this because women routinely win elections at the state and local levels. It’s absolutely true that there are more men then women in elected office in our state. But then it’s also true that a lot more men than women choose

Native American Males Matter Too, Senator Heitkamp

With the 2018 election cycle already in full swing it is perhaps not surprising that Senator Heidi Heitkamp is grandstanding on legislation she has named after Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, a Fargo resident and Spirit Lake Sioux tribal member who was abducted and murdered earlier this year. I’m not necessarily arguing against the efficacy of the policy

Being Gay Doesn't Mean You Have To Fit Into A Specific Political Category

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comOver the last couple of weeks there has been something of a scandal in North Dakota politics over state Rep. Randy Boehning, a Republican from Fargo, who was outed as gay because of his vote against SB2279 (a bill which would have added gays to the state’s list of protected classes).