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Scott Hoaby: In Defense of the Electoral College

Scott Hoaby: In Defense of the Electoral College

Not long ago a contributor to the Forum argued that the Electoral College should be abolished, adding that whoever wins the popular vote should win the presidential election. Now that the election is over, academics and news pundits are again taking up this argument. I would like to challenge this notion that the electoral college

Why Did Trump Win? Because Democrats Think Everyone Who Disagrees With Them Is an Evil Bigot

My post-election newspaper column today is my attempt to explain why Trump got traction with voters, both here in North Dakota and nationally: Complex social and political trends rarely have any one simple explanation, but if I had to offer one in this situation I’d say it’s because Democrats have come to believe that everyone

James Kerian: The Clinton Email Scandal Is About Betrayal of This Country, Not Carelessness

The Clintons and the media sources that support them seem to have been somewhat successful in spreading the impression that the whole “email thing” is just a few overzealous FBI agents obsessing over whether or not Hillary successfully dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” according to the minutia of federal regulation. That, however, is

Pollster Says Trump at 50 Percent in North Dakota, Clinton at 15

I had a conversation last night with a friend who does polling in North Dakota. He shared with me some numbers illustrating the North Dakota outlook on the presidential election. He didn’t share with me any of the actual polling data, because he wasn’t at liberty to do so, so take these numbers with a

In Defense of Choosing “None of the Above”

Over the weekend Forum Communications Company (for whom I am an employee, I should note) announced their endorsement for the presidency which was carried in all of their newspapers including their flagship the Fargo Forum. The paper traditionally has endorsed Republicans for the White House, but for the first time since Goldwater-LBJ race in 1964, the Forum

North Dakota’s Democratic U.S. House Candidate Says He Can’t Endorse Hillary Clinton

Earlier this year North Dakota’s Democrats made a lot of hay over Republican Senator John Hoeven’s tepid support-but-not-endorse stance on presidential candidate Donald Trump. “I can tell you that he is not endorsing in the presidential race and that he will support the nominee of the party,” Hoeven told Politico in May, a response the Washington Post

Leaked Email: Senator Heidi Heitkamp “Not Obsessed” With Keystone Pipeline, Has Made “No Decision” About Political Future

I’ve been combing through the Wikileaks dump of emails to and from Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta looking for things of interest specifically related to North Dakota. I found of a couple of emails mentioning North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp that are pretty interesting. The first is a June 9, 2015 email sent by