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John Andrist: A Problem Which Defies a Solution

John Andrist: A Problem Which Defies a Solution

The score is even now. It’s a dead heat, and I think we are headed for overtime. When the Affordable Care Act was enacted with practically no study, the Democrats were determined to ram it through. They didn’t really care what. Remember, Nancy Pelosi made her infamous comment: “We have to pass it to see

The Federal Government Should Do Less, and the States Should Do More, on Health Care and Insurance Policy

“Let states take over health reform from federal politicians” is the headline for my print column today (here’s the version in the Jamestown Sun). The genesis for the column was my interview with North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread on my radio show earlier this week (full audio below). “Turn this back over to the states,”

Jon Godfread: Don’t Get Sucked Into False Claims and Overblown Statements in Health Care Debate

With the recent passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by the U.S. House of Representatives, it is important to have an honest and truthful discussion regarding what the AHCA is and what it is not. But before we get into that, what does the health insurance marketplace look like in North Dakota? There

About Those Pre-Existing Conditions

A caller to my radio show last week had a really good analogy for insurance. He said that we should imagine an insurance company as a bucket. The premiums we pay for coverage is water flowing into the bucket. In the bottom of the bucket, though, are holes which represent health care the insurance company

Obamacare Costing Hundreds of UND Graduate Students Their Health Insurance Next Week

“Are you at all aware of what UND has had to do to its grad assistants’ healthcare plans thanks to Obamacare?” a UND student asked me a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t aware, but as it turns out hundreds of graduate students are losing coverage provided by the University of North Dakota, and Obamacare

Matt Evans: Are You Comfortable With A Fully Private Health Care System?

The news about Donald Trump suddenly got quieter, somehow, after he admitted that he wants a national healthcare system that is more socialized than Obamacare. One would think that, at this point, Trump’s popularity would nose dive.  After all, Republicans say they hate Obamacare. A big frustration I have with fellow Republicans on their criticism

Obamacare Has Been Bad For North Dakotans, But Good For Insurance Company Profits

The CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota – by far the state’s largest health insurer – visited the Fargo Forum editorial board recently to explain that his company is financially strong. That people go the idea they might not be doing so well, financially, is easy to understand. Not only did the company’s

Rod St. Aubyn: Obamacare Has Been A Friend To Big Business

Do you remember the Obama administration and Democrat leaders touting the benefits of Obamacare once it was rammed down our throats through late-night backroom deals? There were promises of lower prices and more choices for all US citizens. We were promised that each American family would realize a few thousand dollars of savings each year.