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Democrats Have Flexible Principles When It Comes To Gun Control

Democrats Have Flexible Principles When It Comes To Gun Control

In terms of the national debate over gun control, Democrats are very much for expanding the regulation of gun ownership and restricting access to guns and ammunition. But when it comes to winning elections Democrats, it seems, are a lot more pliable on the issue. Case in point, Senator Mark Pryor’s efforts to get re-elected

NDGOP: Voters Should Be Proud We Can Spend Like Democrats

Fresh on the heels of House Majority Leader Al Carlson and Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner’s column in The Grand Forks Herald yesterday, equating the compassion of the NDGOP with money spent by the Legislative Assembly they control, comes a report issued by the Governor’s Office and Legislative leadership equating the success of the 63rd

Why Is Homeland Security Using Four Times More Ammo Than The Army?

In Congress, Rep. Jason Chaffertz is trying to get to the bottom of the Department of Homeland Security’s ammunition stockpiling, and uncovers the fact that the DHS is using about 4.5 times more ammunition for training than the US Army. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Thursday asked Nick Nayak, DHS’ chief procurement officer, a question

Maybe Waiting Around For The Police To Rescue You Isn't Such A Great Idea

The New York Times flags what they report as a “sea change” in advice given the public for defending themselves in a situation such as a mass shooting. In the past, the advice was to call 911 and wait for the police to show up. Now, they’re edging towards telling people to take a more

Jim Carrey Proves Why We Shouldn't Look To Celebrities On Serious Policy Issues

Not long ago funny-man actor Jim Carrey mocked and belittled gun owners in a skit for Funny or Die (see below). Not surprisingly, since he was unloading on one of the most controversial and divisive issues in the country in a charged political atmosphere, he got a lot of criticism for it. Now Carrey is

ND House And Senate Vote To Deregulate Stun Guns, Protect Gun Rights In Emergencies

The North Dakota Houes and Senate passed two more pro-gun bills today. In the House, HB2239 would deregulate stun guns so that a concealed weapons permit is not required to carry one. It passed unanimously. In the Senate, HB1467 would protect gun rights even during a declared emergency. The law would state that law enforcement

North Dakota Flagged As State Not Submitting Mental Health Records For Background Checks

The Great Falls Tribune notes some data from the anti-gun Mayors Against Illegal Guns (NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group) which indicates that five states – North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming – have flagged only 13 people who would be disqualified from owning guns (via Aaron Flint): WASHINGTON — Only 13 people in

North Dakota Senate: Yes To Guns In Church, No To Guns In Schools

It was a mixed bag for proponents of gun rights in the North Dakota Senate today. Six bills dealing with gun issues were considered by the Senators today, with three passing and three failing. You can watch the floor debate for all these bills here. Here’s what passed: HB1260 – Introduced by Rep. Karen Karls,

Michael Moore: "Fear And Racism" Is Why Americans Like Guns

I’ll stipulate to the idea that “fear” is why a lot of Americans want guns. We do, and should, have a certain level of fear for those who might do us wrong. But racism? If gun rights proponents are so racist, then why do they want gun rights for blacks and Hispanics and other minorities

Actor In Bloomberg Anti-Gun Ad Should Learn Proper Gun-Handling Safety

I posted about ads being run by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group earlier today, but commenters pointed out something I missed. In addition to the actor being made to look like a total rube (apparently this is how Bloomberg’s group sees those of us out here in fly-over country), he’s not practicing proper