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Senator Heitkamp Is Awfully Quiet About Gun Control Right Now

Senator Heitkamp Is Awfully Quiet About Gun Control Right Now

After the horrific events in Las Vegas gun control is, once again, a topic of national debate. Which is fine by me, as I’ve said on my radio show and elsewhere this week. The people proposing gun control have good intentions. They genuinely feel these policies will make us safer. They’re just wrong is all.

When It Comes to Gun Control Heidi Heitkamp Says Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Senate is expected to vote later this week on a gun control measure backed by, and apparently lobbied for, North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp. “We need to reach a bipartisan compromise that truly aims to address the issue of keeping guns out of the hands of potential terrorists, while protecting Americans’ constitutional rights,” Heitkamp

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Congress Voting Down Gun Control Is Not License For The President To Do Whatever He Wants

There’s a letter to the editor in the Jamestown Sun today responding to my recent newspaper column about President Barack Obama’s actions on gun control (read it here in the Grand Forks Herald). In my column I argued that the policy overreach of the executive branch – up to and including Obama’s actions on gun control – promote

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Gun Confiscation Is Hardly A Conspiracy Theory When The President Has Praised Gun Confiscation

Yesterday President Barack Obama was part of a town hall on guns and gun violence hosted by CNN. One of the questions – from Mark Kelly, husband to former Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords – was about gun confiscation. “Often what you hear in the debate of expanding background checks to more gun sales, and, as you

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The Left Is Losing The Argument On Assault Weapons And Gun Control

If you had no other evidence available to you other than smug social media postings from your progressive friends, or aggressive proclamations from left-wing pundits, you would think that the left was winning the gun control debate. A spate of mass shootings has certainly provided them with a convenient environment in which to make those

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Thoughts And Prayers Tweets Are About As Effective As Gun Control Would Be

In the modern media age we cannot simply observe a crime of the sort that happened in San Bernardino yesterday while waiting for facts to lead us to logical conclusions about the how and why of an incident. Rather pundits – from citizens with Facebook accounts to paid professionals on cable news – must immediately

Are North Dakota Democrats Getting Cozy With Gun Confiscation?

North Dakota’s top elected Democrat, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, has been testy with reporters lately when asked about gun control. The reason is obvious. Heitkamp’s fellow liberals want gun control, up to and including gun confiscation (more on that in a moment), very badly. But Heitkamp knows that in order to keep her office, which she