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People Making Threats Over a Greta Thunberg Mural in Bismarck Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Thunberg was named Time’s person of the year, and she’s up for a Nobel Peace Prize. Which is sort of like treating a kid who sputters their way through “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on a school-issued recorder like they’re the second coming of Mozart. All that being said, if an artist wants to commemorate

Do We Really Think So Little of the Value of Voting That We’re Willing to Let Children Do It?

Not so long ago, we had a rollicking national debate about a new health care policy – the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as most call it. Among its most controversial provisions was a mandate that insurance companies continue coverage for the “children” of their insured up to the age of 26 years. I put

Greta Thunberg to Visit Site of Violent Protests Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

According to a press release from the Lakota People’s Law Project, child activist Greta Thunberg will be visiting North and South Dakota this week. She will visit the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota on Sunday, October 6. On Tuesday, October 8, she’ll visit the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Standing Rock straddles the North

Print Column: Still Not Convinced We Should Listen to Teens on Policy

MINOT, N.D. — I’ve spent the last week getting roasted over a previous column belittling Greta Thunberg’s obnoxious political movement predicated on the policy expertise of dumb kids. You’re not supposed to call kids dumb despite our society treating them, often with force of law, as the immature and inexperienced people they are. The law

Print Column: Who Cares What Children Think About Complex Policy Questions?

MINOT, N.D. — Hey, kids. Recently a bunch of you chose to participate in a national walkout campaign inspired by Greta Thunberg, a dead-eyed Swede who arrived on our shores in a rowboat or something to show how dedicated she is to her apocalyptic faith. It wouldn’t do to have this green-tinged, modern-day Savonarola land