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SAB Legislative Hall Of Shame Week 10: Senator Connie Triplett

SAB Legislative Hall Of Shame Week 10: Senator Connie Triplett

We skipped last week in the Hall of Shame awards because it was a short week coming off of the crossover break and the legislature really didn’t get up to much. But this week there was plenty of activity, and one legislator who definitely earned this “honor.” The abortion issue is always a contentious one,

Jack Dalrymple

When Property Tax Relief Looks Like A 88% Spending Increase

Governor Jack Dalrymple testified before a joint meeting of House taxation and education committees today in support of his property tax relief bill, and from the details he provided his proposal sure looks a lot like a state take over of most K-12 education spending. Which is neither tax relief nor the “keep it local”

Congress Kevin Cramer Backs State Limitations On Drone Use

In the Grand Forks Herald today are two letters to the editor poo-pooing state legislation to require that law enforcement obtain a warrant before using a UAV, or “drone,” in a criminal investigation. One is from Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost, and the other is from UND Center for Innovation CEO Bruce Gjovig. A

Despite High High School Graduation Rates, 28% Of ND College Students Need Remedial Classes

Today North Dakota’s Department of Public Instruction issued a press release touting high graduation rates among North Dakota students. According to the latest data, North Dakota ranks in a six-way tie for 4th place with an 86% graduation rate which is only two points off the national leader Iowa with an 88% rate. “The federal

Will North Dakota Democrats Be Dropping Their Opposition To Corporate Tax Relief?

Over the last several legislative sessions, because the State of North Dakota has been enjoying a tax revenue windfall, various tax relief measures have been debated before the legislature. One area of tax relief that has passed has been reductions in the corporate income tax rate, which Democrats hate. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider

Legislator Wants ND's Legislature To Meet Every Year

There have often been proposals before the North Dakota legislature to expand the number of days that body spends in session. Currently the state constitution limits the legislature to just 80 days per biennium, though it doesn’t say that all those days have to be consecutive. Rep. Keith Kempenich wants to put in place statute

Hennen Column: Notebook From A Busy Week

It’s been a long and productive week. My notebook is chock full of tidbits. Since I’m sleep deprived and unable to decide which one is worthy of a column, I have a better idea. I am introducing a new Common Sense Club notebook. – Monday was the day legislators rolled into Bismarck to begin the

Hennen Column: North Dakotans Are Starved For News

I have been spending more time than usual these days in the Capitol City of Bismarck, North Dakota preparing for the launch of an all-new news interview program, called “The Legislature Today.” Hosted by veteran newsman Dale Wetzel it debuts this Monday evening at 7pm on KFYR 550AM, from 8 to 10pm on AM1100 “The