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LegitSlater: We Need to Reconsider Who We Idolize, and Why

LegitSlater: We Need to Reconsider Who We Idolize, and Why

I love sports just as much as the next guy or gal. I participate in Fantasy Football and fill out a pick sheet at work every week detailing who I think will win that Sunday’s (Thursday’s and Monday’s too) NFL matchups. I have a passing interest in Baseball, enjoy Hockey, and will even tolerate a

Governor Dalrymple Got It Right on Fargo Diversion

Governor Jack Dalrymple got it right when he said “we will match state dollars with federal and local cost shares.” The governor was speaking of what the state was willing to do to support the proposed Fargo Diversion project. Dalrymple was pulled into the most recent fray between the Diversion Authority (DA) and the State

State Of Minnesota To Allow Forced Unionization Of Private Care Providers

The State of Minnesota has pushed through legislation defining private personal and child care providers as state employees, thus allowing them to be unionized. Governor Mark Dayton had previously tried to accomplish this with an executive order, but that was struck down by the courts. How do these people qualify as state employees? Because some