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Print Column: North Dakota Is Just Months Away From Having No Full-Time Federal Judges

Print Column: North Dakota Is Just Months Away From Having No Full-Time Federal Judges

Minot, N.D. — This is an appropriate time, here in the middle of the longest government shutdown in American history, to talk about government dysfunction. Our political leaders can’t get their work done, and while the politicians and their surrogates are all busy throwing pies at one another over who is to blame for that,

If Government Employees Are Important Enough to Work During a Government Shutdown, They’re Important Enough to Pay

Today a federal judge refused to intervene in the government shutdown, citing a desire to keep the judicial branch of government from taking sides in a fight between the legislative and executive branches. Still, the workers who have sued the federal government have a point. While some of their arguments may be a bit overwrought

Plain Talk Podcast: Government Shutdown, “Abortion Reversal” Bill, and Civil Asset Forfeiture With Rep. Rick Becker

On episode 3 of the Plain Talk Podcast I talked about the longest government shutdown in American history, which I blame on the bloated federal government. The states should do more, and the intransigent politicians in Washington D.C. should do less. I also comment on “abortion reversal” legislation proposed in Bismarck for the 2019 session,

If the Longest Ever Government Shutdown Teaches Us One Thing It’s That the Federal Government Is Too Large

The current shutdown of the federal government is now the longest in the history of America. I’ll leave it to others to debate the circumstances of this shutdown, whether President Donald Trump is right to stand firm on his demand for border wall funding, or if Democrats are right to keep the government shutdown over

Podcast: That Blue Alert Thing, Legislative Candidate Kristin Roers, and Senator John Hoeven

Is the Government going to shut down tonight? “I hope not,” Senator John Hoeven told me on today’s radio show. He made a really good point about the Democratic filibuster of legislation to keep the government running. What, exactly, is in the bill that they don’t like? Are they really willing to shut down the

Will Heitkamp Vote to Shutdown the Government to Protect Illegal Immigrants and Drive up Health Insurance Costs?

Over the many years of budget brinksmanship our friends on the left have told us, repeatedly, that shutting down the government is extremely dangerous. Mainstream Democrats have even claimed that a government shutdown could literally kill people. But now Congress – the Senate, specifically – is on the verge of allowing a shutdown to happen

Heidi Heitkamp Does Some Preemptive Government Shutdown Grandstanding

Back in 2013 North Dakota Democrats tried to attack Rep. Kevin Cramer for continuing to accept his congressional salary during a government shutdown. Cramer, in fact, not only collected his salary but didn’t feel like it was something he should apologize for. “I’m staying here and I’m working,” Cramer said in an interview during the