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Maybe North Dakota Doesn't Need A Law To Accept Gays

Maybe North Dakota Doesn't Need A Law To Accept Gays

Earlier this year during the legislative session we had a debate in North Dakota over legislation – Senate Bill 2279 – which would have added homosexuals to the state’s list of protected classes. Supporters of the legislation told us that it was necessary because discrimination against gays is common in the state. They told us

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The Real Missed Opportunity: ND Lawmakers Should Have Repealed Gay Marriage Ban

Earlier this year when lawmakers declined to pass SB2279, an anti-discrimination bill, Governor Jack Dalrymple said they’d “missed an opportunity.” He was wrong. That legislation was bad policy. But lawmakers did miss an opportunity on gay rights this session. It seems that this summer America will more than likely see a blanket legalization of gay

Matt Evans: SB2279 Will Pass Eventually

SB2279 failed this time, but it’s going to pass eventually. Here’s why.  SB2279 is really about a fight that most people conceded decades ago.  It’s about a fight few will name and fewer want to have.  So, most opponents of SB2279 are trying to fight this specific bill, while fundamentally agreeing with the underlying ideology

Fargo Forum Uses Front Page To Shame Lawmakers Voting No On Discrimination Bill

The image below will be the front page of tomorrow’s Fargo Forum. At this point, I think it’s fair to say that anyone claiming that newspaper is an objective chronicler of current events should be laughed at and mocked. There’s nothing wrong with the Forum having a left wing cant to their reporting, but they

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Video: North Dakota House Votes Down Anti-Sexual Orientation Discrimination Bill

The North Dakota House took up SB2279 this afternoon and defeated it soundly after about an hour and a half of debate. This has been a thoroughly discussed issue, and there wasn’t much of interest revealed during the floor debate. Democrats attempted a procedural maneuver to divide the bill and at least get parts of