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A drilling rig operates near Keene, N.D., on Monday, March 14, 2016. North Dakota's drilling rig count is down to 29, the lowest since October 2005. Amy Dalrymple/Forum News Service

Irony: As Violent Protesters Try to Block Pipeline Americans Enjoy Historically Low Gas Prices

Irony: As Violent Protesters Try to Block Pipeline Americans Enjoy Historically Low Gas Prices

This long weekend¬†Americans who chose to spend the holiday on the road are enjoying some historically low gas prices. “The last time gas prices leading up to the Labor Day weekend were this cheap, the world was just moving on from the Olympics in Athens, Greece,” the American Interest reports. From the Energy Information Administration:

Cost Of Gasoline Is Near Historic Lows

Gas prices, since they’re one of the most universal and visible costs of day-to-day life, are always of great concern to Americans. We live in a big, wide-open country and driving isn’t just a luxury. It’s a part of life for most of the country. Especially in places like North Dakota. Of late, thanks to

The Solution To High Gas Prices Is Less Government, Not More

There’s a lot of consternation nationally about gas prices this spring, but that’s usually the case. As one of the most visible economic indicators in the market, it seems like gas prices are always making people gripe, especially when the inevitable summer price hikes come. This spring the angst seems particularly acute, especially in North

Here Come The Annual Spring Gas Price Conspiracy Theories

It’s spring time. That means we’re entering the summer driving season, and increased demand typically drives up fuel prices. And thanks to gas prices being one of the most visible economic metrics – heck, the prices are posted on signs along every road in America – people get upset when the prices go up. We’re

Memo To Gas Price Conspiracy Theorists: It's The Oil Prices

Any time rising gas prices become a story, and the media loves to make it a story, the gas price conspiracy theorists come out of the closet. It’s a conspiracy, we’re told. It’s Big Oil cranking up prices to take windfall profits! You almost get the idea that gas station owners, after their secret meetings,