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House Says No To More Sales Tax Revenues For Western North Dakota

House Says No To More Sales Tax Revenues For Western North Dakota

North Dakota’s policymakers keep insisting there’s no east/west political divide in the state, but that was hard to tell from a political debate over a bill to divert more state sales tax revenues to western communities. The bill is HB1344, introduced by Rep. Gary Sukut (R-Williston), and would increase the share of sales tax revenues

Video: ND House Defeats Minimum Wage Increase For Tipped Workers

HB1438 would have raised the minimum wage for tipped workers over the course of several years to be on-par with the minimum wage for non-tipped workers over the course of several years. It was introduced by Rep. Josh Boschee (D-Fargo), and came to the House floor today after getting an 11-4 “do not pass” recommendation

North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 1 and 2 Williston and Williams, Burke, and Divide County Area Guide

This post is the last of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. The Districts: 1 and 2 Click on a District number above for

ND House Votes Down Two Year Income Tax Moratorium, Passes New Wind Subsidies

When I was in Bismarck last week visiting the legislature a Republican member of the House took me aside and told me that the Republican majority would be voting down a lot of tax relief proposals this week and wondered if I might curtail criticism until we see what kind of tax relief is left